Atlas Honda Announces Price Reductions for CD 70 and CG 125 Models

Atlas Honda has announced substantial price cuts for two of its most popular models, the Honda CD 70 and the CG 125. This decision comes in the wake of a strong recovery of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar.

The Honda CD 70, a top-selling model that dominates the streets despite stiff competition from other players in the auto market, will now be available at a reduced price of Rs135,900, marking a decrease of Rs22,000. The new pricing took effect on October 18, 2023, following the issuance of an official notification.

Similarly, the price of the Honda CG 125 has been slashed by a staggering Rs33,500. The Honda CG125 Gold Edition also saw a significant price reduction of Rs38,500.

These price reductions are expected to make these models more affordable for consumers looking to upgrade their motorcycles.

The price cuts are a direct result of the recent recovery of the local currency unit, which has allowed Atlas Honda to pass on the benefits to the masses.

This move is expected to stimulate sales as potential buyers who were previously deterred by the high prices can now consider purchasing these Japanese motorcycles at more budget-friendly rates.

This announcement by Atlas Honda is a welcome relief for motorcycle enthusiasts and potential buyers, who can now look forward to owning these popular models at significantly reduced prices.

Zamin Sheikh

Explores the tech-savvy side of automobiles, unraveling the mysteries of automotive technology, connectivity features, and driver-assistance systems.

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