How to Check Owner Name of SIM Card in Pakistan

In today’s digital age, mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. We use them for communication, entertainment, banking, shopping, and much more. As a result, SIM cards that connect our phones to cellular networks hold a lot of sensitive personal and financial data.

It is therefore critical to check the owner’s name registered against a SIM card. This helps ensure that your identity is not being misused by someone else for illegal activities. It also protects you against financial fraud through unauthorized transactions on your number.

SIM ownership verification is an important process with far-reaching consequences for safety and security. Read on to learn the complete step-by-step procedure.

Pakistan introduced mandatory SIM card registration in 2009 to increase transparency and reduce crime linked to unregistered mobile phone use.

As per regulations by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), every SIM must be verified against a valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) before activation. When you insert a new SIM for the first time, your fingerprints and CNIC details are biometrically verified at the point of sale.

This links each active mobile number to an individual. The telcos maintain a database of registered users that can be accessed for information by authorities if needed. The PTA has also set a maximum limit of 5 SIMs per CNIC number.

Knowing the proper SIM verification process allows you to cross-check the owner’s name and confirm if your identity is being misused. The next section covers this in detail.

How to Check the Owner’s Name for a Mobile SIM

  • Send a message to 668 to check your CNIC number against the provided sim.
  • You don’t have to type anything in the message field.
  • If your phone won’t let you send a message, write anything in the message and send it to 668.
  • You will receive a reply to your message with a list of every number or SIMs issued on your CNIC.

How to Check the Owner’s Name Via PTA Websie

To check a SIM card’s owner name online, you need to visit the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s website:

  • Go to the “SIM Information System” and click on it.
  • Enter your 13-digit CNIC number and complete the ReCaptcha verification by clicking on the checkbox.
  • Click on the “Foreign ID” tab and enter your passport or NICOP number instead along with the recapcha.
  • Check if there are any numbers you don’t recognize or more SIMs issued than you use.
  • Any unknown or suspicious numbers could indicate that your identity is being misused for illegal SIM duplication and cloning.

Report Cloned SIMs or Suspicious Activity

If you do find any unauthorized or cloned SIMs registered on your ID, take prompt action by reporting to authorities.

SIM cloning is a type of identity theft where cybercriminals copy user data from a legitimate SIM card onto a duplicate SIM.

The cloned SIM can then be used to make calls, send messages, or conduct financial transactions while impersonating the original owner. This can facilitate major fraud and criminal activities.

If you discover any unauthorized SIMs against your name, immediately call your mobile operator’s customer support helpline to block the numbers.

Provide details of the unknown SIMs and change security PINs or passwords for your account as a precaution.

Also, inform the mobile company if you get reports of calls or messages sent from your number when your phone is with you. They can investigate signs of SIM cloning in detail.

You may also contact the PTA to report identity theft and request the deactivation of illegal SIMs linked to your ID.


Verifying SIM card ownership is critical to safeguard against identity theft and SIM cloning fraud. Follow the step-by-step process outlined above to check the owner’s name registered against any mobile number.

Be vigilant in monitoring the SIMs linked to your CNIC and immediately report any unauthorized or suspicious activity. Responsible SIM verification helps enhance security and prevents misuse of your data.

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