What is an archive? How to use it in WhatsApp, Gmail, and Instagram

Today in this article we are going to know. Meaning of archive What does archive mean along with where it is used?

The best example of an Internet Archive is ArchiveRG, also known as the Wayback Machine. Archive, also known as an archive, refers to the oldest written articles in Porlek’s museum. Here para means ancient means written article.

Meaning of archive

Who is the archive? Archives, archives, and Places where ancient books are preserved are called archives.

Just as some copies of books written by ancient famous authors are preserved in libraries and museums, every website on the Internet keeps updating some data, whether that data is in text or a media file. Records are kept. This is called an archive, a record of the written word is called the archival web.

Many existing social media applications also use archives, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Gmail. etc. archive option is given, tell us why and how the archive is used in all these social media applications, etc.

What is Archive in WhatsApp?

You all know about WhatsApp, it is a social media application that is used by many people, let’s know. Archive meaning on WhatsApp To use the archive in this you need to long press on any person’s chat, after that you will see four icons at the top of the screen, the last one being My Archive and the first one shown above. the icon is Let’s say a chat is given for pinning.

After that the option given is the option to delete the chat, the third option is to mute that person’s chat, now let’s talk about the last number you said, the fourth option is to archive. Goes as soon as you click. Archive option, this person’s chat will be removed from your front.

Whenever that person sends you a message, his message will not be shown to you in chat and will be shown in a chat with many people, let’s know and how to view chat with many people, archive chat It’s easiest to see.

On the home screen of WhatsApp, if you go to the bottom of the section, you will see an option named Archived, as soon as you click on it, the chat of the person will be displayed which is kept in the archived chat. In front of you, remove it from the archived chat process you did when you archived it.

How to use the archive on Instagram

they know Archive meaning on Instagram Every time you post on Instagram, that post is compiled into your profile, if someone doesn’t like your post, you can archive it so you can see that post and no one else can. Used only for things that we don’t want to delete but we don’t want to keep on our web interface, there is a separate space for them that is used as an archive.

To archive, any post on Instagram click on the option next to your profile, then you will see all your posts there which will be given next to your username, as soon as you click on it. , you will find an option somewhere, out. Out of which the fourth option is given for archive, as soon as you archive the post it will be deleted from your profile section.

To see the post archived on Instagram you come to your profile area, you will see 3 lines on the top right side, click on it, and you will see the first option in front of you below. will Username, you will see that click on it you can see the post sent in Loser and also remove it from there by the same process.

How to Use Archive in Gmail

In this we will know Archive meaning on Gmail We receive a lot of emails daily in our Gmail, out of which very few emails are used by us, the rest of the emails are deleted without opening them, you can save the emails you want in your Gmail. Don’t want to look in the mail. in the inbox but don’t want to delete, so let’s know how to archive mail very easily.

As soon as you open the Gmail application you have to go to inbox or any option there, long press the mail you want to send to the archive, and click on the first option that appears above, and your mail should be sent to you will save documents

To bring the archived mail back to the inbox, you need to open Gmail and click on the 3 lines on the top left. As soon as you click on it, many options will open in front of you, out of which you have to click on the All Mail option, you will see the email you archived in the All Mail section. will come You will need to resend it to the inbox. Before long press on the mail and click on the option that will appear, as soon as you click on it, your mail will be sent to the inbox.

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