Hajj Packages For Hajj Pilgrims Online Registration

This year, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah is offering three different Hajj packages to its visitors. Online registration will make the Hajj experience accessible to 60,000 residents.

Those who register online must get vaccinated against Corona, and the Hajj also needs SOPs for preventing epidemics.

Hajj Packages For Hajj Pilgrims

It costs 496,633 Pakistani rupees to participate in the first of three online packages released by Saudi Arabia’s Hajj Ministry for Saudi citizens and international accommodation holders. It costs 14,381 riyals, which is equivalent to Rs. 589,621 in Pakistani currency. It costs Rs. 16,560 (or Rs. 678,960 in Pakistani rupees) for the third package of services.

hajj online registration

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