Hajj Applications Draw 2022 Result Selected Candidates List

The Hajj Scheme 2022 Balloting Process has been completed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony of the Government of Pakistan. According to the Hajj Scheme, it is possible to see the Selected Pakistanis for the Hajj in 2022.

In Islamabad, the Hajj Qura Andazi 2022 will be broadcast live at 4 p.m. on Sunday. The Hajj Scheme 2022 Winner will be notified through SMS, and the complete list of winners will be made available on the Hajjinfo.org website once it is finalized. The hajj qura andazi list for 2022. Today’s date for Hajj is listed as 15-05-2022. The final list of pilgrims for Hajj 202 was released today.

Hajj Applications Draw 2022 Result | Hajj Applications Status 2022

Under Saudi Arabia’s Hajj Policy 2022 and Pakistan’s Hajj Quota, 81,132 Pakistanis will do Hajj in 2022. Soon, the Hajj Qura Andazi for the Government Hajj Scheme 2022 will be available online. Hajj 2022’s Balloting Will Be Performed by the Minister of Religious Affairs.

Hajj Application Status

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony department received Hajj Applications via banks and by hand. The estimated cost of the government’s Hajj scheme is 7,50,000.

Hajj 2022 Balloting Result/Pakistan Hajj Balloting 2022

10,000 Hajj seats have been set aside for senior Pakistani citizens over 70. For women over the age of 70, these 10000 Hajj Seats include their Helper and Mehram. In addition, a thousand people quota has been aside for Pakistanis living outside of the country.

The Fauji Foundation, EOBI, pensioners, corporations, and registered companies receive 500 reserves. However, those Hajj applicants who haven’t been picked in the last three years would be selected automatically. Hajj 2022 Applicants from Pakistan should contact these telephone numbers for any questions or concerns.

  • 051-9216980
  • 051-9216982
  • 051-9205696
  • 051-9216981
Entrer CNIC or Hajj Application Number

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Hajj 2022 Lucky Draw Result List

Every year, 100000 individuals register for the Government Hajj Scheme. Still, only a few are selected to go to Makkah on pilgrimage. Hajj applications for 2021 will be balloted by the Pakistani government on May 15, 2021, after the government invites applications from all around Pakistan this year. It was originally scheduled for May 15.

Applicants for the Hajj face problems due to landslides and snowfall in several parts of the country. Here at awampk.com, you may fulfill your dream of performing the Hajj by obtaining the whole list of the draw results for the Hajj to perform. About 5 billion rupees were returned to pilgrims last year, at the cost of 37 thousand rupees per pilgrim returned and some up to 60 thousand rupees per pilgrim returned. We, too, were re-admitted.

This year, the Saudi government increased the Hajj package by 410 riyals. This additional charge has been raised regarding visas and insurance, so Pakistani pilgrims now have to spend an extra 16,000 rupees traveling to Saudi Arabia for the pilgrimage. The visa charge for Pakistani pilgrims is 300 rials. In addition, additional costs and insurance have been added to this year’s Hajj package, even though 110 actual insurance is required.

Private travel companies have provided cheaper Hajj packages than the government. However, the number of pilgrims using the government-sponsored program has already exceeded Rs 5 lakh for the current year. Voting for the 2021 Hajj in Pakistan may be done online.

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