Govt Announces New Passport Delivery Times

The Director General of Immigration and Passports recently published an official notice indicating modifications to passport delivery timelines. The delivery dates for standard, urgent, and fast-track passport processes have been cut to 10 days, 4 days, and 2 days, respectively, according to the announcement.

Previously, normal, urgent, and fast-track passport delivery times were 21 days, 7 days, and 4 days, respectively.

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The reduced delivery times are likely to give great relief to passport applicants who had previously experienced delays getting their passports. The decision to shorten delivery periods is said to have been made due to an increase in the number of passport applications in recent years.

The DG Immigration and Passports has received a high volume of passport applications, and the increased delivery periods are intended to improve the effectiveness of the passport delivery system and reduce the backlog of outstanding applications.

The improved delivery times will also benefit people who need passports quickly, such as those who need to travel for employment or medical reasons. To guarantee an effortless and hassle-free application process, the DG Immigration and Passports has asked applicants to follow the stated processes and present all relevant documents.

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