FBR Lucky Draw Winner list 15 May 2022 POS System

Draw List May 15, 2022, is scheduled at 06:00 PM on the FBR System for the Winners Persons of POS. Now that the third draw is announced for May 15, 2022, you may follow the action live on the internet and social media. If you win a reward in the FBR POS Draw Result on May 15, 2022, you’ll get a call from 0331 6327769.

Since then, the Federal Board of Revenue, known as the (the Central Board of Revenue), has been in existence. It is also known as Pakistan’s Federal Law Enforcement Agency (Islamabad). Has just begun the FBR Lucky Draw Result 15/05/2022, named “FBR POS Scheme 2022” by the Federal Board of Revenue Islamabad. In terms of money and prizes, how much do you have available? Prizes and the PKR amount they are worth. FBR Qurandazi is winning the result registration and claim procedure.

The FBR Prize Scheme is open to all customers with a POS FBR receipt. FBR has stated that good drawers with a printed POS FBR invoice will give 53 million to all consumers. Today, May 15, 2022, is the date of the raffle.

Many people want to check the winners’ list, so the FBR website is down. This month, there are 1007 candidates, and all of them will obtain POS receipts for their purchases. This is how you can find out the FBR Lucky Draw Result for May 15, 2022.

FBR Lucky Draw Winner list 15 May 2022 POS System

The FBR POS Scheme’s 05th Lucky Draw took place on the 15th of May, 2022. The FBR POS Lucky Draw may be viewed live on the FBR’s official social media accounts or YouTube channel. 1007 Lucky Winners will be revealed live, and each will get the Rupees in value as a prize.

Prize Amount Number of FBR Winner
10,00,000 01 Winner
5,00,000 02 Winners
2.50,000 04 Winners
50,000 1000 Winners

The winner will receive 1 million rupees in cash if they use POS terminals to make their transactions. In addition, there will be four 250,000 rupee third-place awards and two 500,000 rupee second-place prizes. A broad list of public awards of Rs 50,000 per 1,000 persons will also be available. You can check the FBR pos lucky draw result for May 2022 online. Winners who accept integrated POS bills for their purchases will get Rs. 53 million in rewards.

How to Claim FBR Lucky Draw Result 15 May 2022

The question of how to claim the FBR Lucky Draw Result 15-05-2022, which was announced on this day, is important for all of the winners. Whenever the FBR Lucky draw results are publicly disclosed, you can find them here on wikitechlibrary.com by clicking the link at the bottom.

  • FBR will send an SMS to inform and announce the result of the FBR Prize.
  • Take a look at the informational message and follow the instructions.
  • Remember that the FBR POS Lucky draw 2022 results will also be communicated through a telephone call.
  • The official FBR phone and support number will be used to make the call.
  • To change your IBAN and bank account information, you will get a text message and a phone call.
  • The FBR Winning prize amounts 1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize, and 4th prize will be deposited and paid immediately to your account.
fbr pos system

Download Winner List of FBR Lucky Draw 15-08-2022

The first four FBR Lucky Draws were held on Jan 15, Feb 15, Mar 15, and Apr 15, 2022. Respectively. The winnings from the FBR PSO Lucky Draw will be sent to your bank account if you are the winner.

  • You will be given a pin code in the FBR Draw on May 15, 2022.
  • Use the Tax Asaan App to check the FBR Pin Code.
  • In addition, Nadra E Sahulat provides Biometric Verification.
  • Once this is done, you’ll be prompted for your IBAN. Use the FBR Tax Asaan App to update your IBAN Number.
  • The winnings will be deposited into the bank account within 14 days of completing all of the required processes.
Check FBR Lucky Draw List

Customers of the POS invoicing System would get Rs. 53 million per month from the Pakistani government and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). 15 May 2022 FBR Lucky Draw Results The Winner List POS System may be availible over the Internet. Therefore, it’s important to know how to register and claim your prize. You may look up the names of the May 2022 FBR Lucky Draw winners by going to the winners’ list.

FBR Affiliated Markets/Shops
Sr FBR Registered Shop Name
1 Metro Pakistan
2 Car sale outlets
3 Sweet shops
4 Hotels
5 Famous foods point
6 Gourmet Foods
7 Superstores
8 Pizza shop
9 Bakery shop
10 Shoe sale shops

The Federal Board of Revenue has launched a new FBR POS reward program that pays out 10,000,000 rupees a month to those who meet the eligibility requirements. FBR POS shops/retailers/department stores provide rewards for purchasing any item from FBR POS. In the FBR Third Lucky Draw, the winners’ names will be released on 15/05/2022.

FBR Registered Shops

A list has been publicly disclosed for the first time of all the businesses affiliated with the Federal Board of Revenue. These include shoe sales, supermarkets, vehicle sales shops, sweet shops, Gourmet Foods, Bakery shops, Pizza shops, hotels, Metro Pakistan, famous food points, etc.

Rs. 100000 will be awarded to the shopper who purchases from a merchant with a POS terminal installed. In addition, there will be four 250,000 rupee third-place awards and two 500,000 rupee second-place prizes. A broad list of public awards of Rs 50,000 per 1,000 persons will also be available. You may see the FBR pos lucky draw result for May 2022 online here. Winners who accept integrated POS receipts for their purchase will be eligible for Rs 53 million in rewards.

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