What is Google Drive and how to use it?

What is Google Drive: Today, people all over the world take advantage of free services. But still, there are some Google services that people know about but don’t know how to use properly, one of them is Google Drive.

Google Drive is a service of Google in which users’ Data is cloud-based storage. Any file that a user stores in Google Drive is stored by Google. If you have one Gmail ID If you have your smartphone or Computer you can use Google Drive.

If you want to know what Google Drive what, Google Drive Of Properties, Google Drive How to use, And all other information related to Google Drive, read this article till the end. Because in this article we are going to give you all the information related to Google Drive.

So let’s start without wasting time to know more about this article. What is Google Drive? in detail.

What is Google Drive?

Google company has a cloud storage service i.e. cloud backup facility, in which the user can save any type of file. It is a free Google service launched by Google on April 24, 2012. Today, more than 1 billion users are using Google Drive.

You get 15 GB of storage in Google Drive, where you can store any type of file like text, image, audio, video, etc. And you can download these files if needed.

It also gives you access to a suite of free applications in Google Drive, through which you can create a variety of tasks, such as documents, sheets, slides, forms, sites, Google map drawings, etc.

But remember one thing you need a Google account to use Google Drive, so you need to create your Gmail ID first. After creating a Gmail ID, you can use Google Drive on any device.

Overall, Google Drive provides its users with online storage to store their files, and users can reduce the load on their storage devices by storing their files in Google Drive.

Features of Google Drive

There is more than one feature available in Google Drive but here we will learn about some special features of Google Drive.

  • With Google Drive, you can store any type of file like photos, audio, videos, etc.
  • Files stored in Google Drive are secure, every file stored here is encrypted using SSL. And Google’s security is very high.
  • Even if your mobile or computer gets damaged or lost somewhere, your files stored in Google Drive are safe.
  • In Google Drive, you get 15 GB of free space, which is plenty for a normal user.
  • You can also use Google Drive offline.
  • Google Drive has some inbuilt apps, eg Google Docs, Google Sheets slide, Google Forms, etc. All these make your work easier.
  • If you want, you can share the file saved in Google Drive with other people, you can invite them to comment, and edit the selected file.
  • You can access Google Drive on any device using your Google Account username and password.
  • You can use Google Drive for free.
  • You can create a new folder on Google Drive and upload any image, file, document, video, etc.

Google Drive Storage Plan

If you need more than 15 GB of storage, you can buy a paid plan of Google Drive, following are some of the paid plans of Google Drive.

Storage100 GB200 GB2 TB
Price130 RS/month and 1300RS/year210Rs/month and 2100RS/year650RS/month and 6500RD/year

Google Drive Plan

How to use Google Drive

To use Google Drive you need to create your Google account first, only after that, you can avail the services of Google Drive, and also you can avail all the services provided by Google.

You can easily use Google Drive when you create a Google Account. You can use Google Drive on both computers and mobile phones.

How to use Google Drive on a PC

Follow the steps below to use Google Drive on a computer.

  • First, you open the Chrome browser. And sign into it with your Google account.
  • On the top right you will see the Google app icon, click on it. (see image below)
  • After scrolling the Google app a bit you will find the Google Drive option, click on it to open Google Drive.

Now you can easily use Google Drive on a computer. Also, let us know how you will complete various tasks with Google Drive.

How to Upload Files from Computer to Google Drive

  • Click the New button at the top left to upload a file from your computer to Google Drive.
  • Click on the file upload option here.
  • Select the file you want to upload to your computer.

Finally, the upload process will be completed according to the size of the file. If the file size is large, it may take some time to upload. Once the file is saved in Google Drive, you don’t have to worry about deleting the file, even if your computer crashes, the file will be saved.

How to Delete Files from Google Drive on Computer

Just as it is easy to upload a file to Google Drive, it is also easy to delete a file from Google Drive. Follow the steps below to delete a file from Google Drive on a computer.

  • First right click on the file you want to delete.
  • You will find the Remove option below, you can delete this file by clicking on Remove. However, this file has not been permanently deleted yet.
  • To delete a file permanently, go to the Trans section and select the file from here to delete it permanently.

In this way, you can delete any file on the computer through Google Drive.

You can share the file, rename the file, move the file, copy or download it by right-clicking on the uploaded file in Google Drive.

How to use Google Drive on mobile

If you are an Android user, your smartphone will already have the Google Drive application available to use, if you are not an Android user, you can download the Google Drive application from your device’s app store, and you’re To access the Google account, you can sign in. Through this.

Also through mobile you can upload, delete, download, copy, share, move, rename, etc. files in Google Drive, you can perform these various tasks as follows.

How to Upload Files from Mobile to Google Drive

  • To upload files to Google Drive via mobile, first, open the Google Drive application.
  • After that click on the + icon here.
  • Now you have to click on the upload option.
  • Then select the file you want to store in Google Drive.
  • Finally, the upload process will complete according to your file size.

Through this process, you can upload any file to Google Drive via mobile very easily.

How to delete files in Google Drive from mobile

  • Click the 3 dots next to the file you want to delete from Google Drive.
  • After that, there will be a Remove option below, after clicking on it that file will be removed from your Google Drive list.
  • To remove it permanently, go to the section under Trans and select the file and delete it forever.

In this way, you can delete any file from Google Drive through mobile.

You can also rename, download, copy, share, etc. by clicking on the 3 dot icon next to the file.

What files can I create in Google Drive?

Google Drive gives you access to a suite of tools that allow you to create multiple types of files. Some of which we have told you about here.

1 – Google Docs, Google Docs is used to create text documents. It works like Microsoft Word.

2 – Google Sheet Google Sheets works like Microsoft Excel, in that you can store information systematically in rows and columns.

3 – Google Slides is used to create slides, similar to PowerPoint.

4 – Google Forms You can use it to collect data.

5 – Google Drawings – Using it you can create simple vector graphics or diagrams.

6 – Google Site You can create a website using Google Sites.

FAQ: What is Google Drive?

When was Google Drive created?

Google launched Google Drive on April 24, 2012.

How does Google Drive work?

Google Drive is cloud-based storage that allows users to store their files online.

What is Google Drive Backup?

Since you can store your files online with the help of Google Drive, then it acts as backup storage, so many people say that I have backed up my files in Google Drive.

How to Find Google Drive Password

Google Drive is created on your Gmail ID, so you can access Google Drive with your Gmail ID password.

How secure is Google Drive?

Storing your files in Google Drive is completely safe and secure, every file is encrypted via SSL. In addition, Google’s security is also very advanced.

Last Words: What is Google Drive?

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