COMSATS University Lahore’s Merit List 2023

COMSATS University Lahore, one of Pakistan’s leading public universities, has released its merit list for 2023. The university, renowned for its computer science and IT programs, has become a preferred choice for thousands of students across the country.

The merit list now available online, reveals the closing merits for various undergraduate programs. The BS Computer Science program tops the list with a closing merit of 87.36%, followed by BS Software Engineering at 85.6% and BS Computer Engineering at 83.09%. Other programs such as BS Electrical Engineering and Pharm-D also have high closing merits at 76.74% and 83.52% respectively. Several other programs including BS Chemical Engineering, BBA, BS Accounting & Finance, BS Psychology, BS English, BS Media & Communication Studies, BS Statistics with Data Science, BS Chemistry, BS Physics, BS Mathematics, and BS Economics have a closing merit of 50%.

Candidates who applied for admission to COMSATS Lahore are advised to check their merit status by logging into their online Admission Portal accounts. Selected candidates are urged to print the offer letter and the fee challan and follow the necessary procedures. The fee for the first merit list must be submitted by August 19, 2023.

Established in 1998, COMSATS University Lahore offers a wide range of academic programs from basic sciences to cutting-edge emerging technologies. It also boasts a network of interdisciplinary research centers, making it an excellent place for higher education leading to MS and Ph.D. degrees.

Since its inception, the university has seen significant growth in terms of campuses, student population, faculty members, academic programs, research output, and public outreach. Currently, it operates eight fully functional campuses and is a popular choice for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

According to the Higher Education Commission’s HEC Ranking 2015, published in February 2016, COMSATS University Lahore is ranked third among general universities in Pakistan, first in Computer Science and IT, and second in Research Productivity. Most recently, it has been listed among the top 250 Asian universities.


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