Chicken Rate in Karachi Today 2023

Chicken is a staple in Pakistani cuisine and is highly sought after due to its affordability, versatility in cooking, and health benefits. Over time, the demand for chicken in Pakistan has surged, making it an integral part of the nation’s food culture.

1 KG Chicken Rate in Karachi 2023 Today

The cost of chicken is subject to frequent changes, influenced by various factors including supply and demand dynamics, seasonal variations, and the country’s political climate. It’s important to note that chicken prices can vary across different regions and markets within Pakistan.

Alive Chicken RateRs.310
Retail Market Chicken RateRs.455
Wholesale Chicken RateRs.405
Chicken Meat RateRs.560

The recent years have seen a significant rise in the price of chicken, primarily attributed to an increase in production costs. A major component of these costs is chicken feed has become more expensive due to the rising prices of ingredients like corn and soybean meal. Consumers have had to bear the brunt of these increased costs.

Despite these challenges, the government is actively working to keep chicken rates reasonable and ensure that poultry remains accessible to the population. Efforts are also being made to support the growth and sustainability of the poultry industry within the country.

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