British Council Announced Marking Formula for Cancelled Papers

Due to the difficult situation in Pakistan, the British Council has released the marking system for grading students in regard to the cancelled test papers.

“We would like to remind candidates that none of the cancelled exams can be rescheduled for the Cambridge June 2023 Series,” Cambridge said in a statement.

However, Cambridge has an established system for special consideration when exams are cancelled, ensuring that candidates who took at least one able component and passed at least 15% of the total examination in the June 2023 exam series remain eligible for their results.

A-level applicants must take at least one A2-level component to get a complete A-level result. We recognize that certain candidates may have concerns.

The letter also noted that the British Council has made the tough decision to cancel examinations scheduled for May 10th and 11th owing to the country’s evolving and dangerous circumstances, as well as concern for the safety of its candidates and all British Council workers. This decision was taken as a result of our accountability.

The candidates were thanked in the letter, which stated, “We appreciate your understanding and ongoing assistance during this challenging time.”

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