Android 14 Set to Revive Lock Screen Widgets

Lock screen widgets are poised to make a triumphant return in the upcoming Android 14 release. This revelation was uncovered by Mishaal Rahman, the former Chief Editor of XDA Developers, who found a promising hint within the latest Android 14 beta build.

The discovery of a new SystemUI flag, intriguingly named “widget_on_keyguard,” in the beta release strongly suggests that Google is actively working on reintroducing lock screen widgets.

However, it’s important to note that this feature was found in the Android 14 beta version specifically designed for Pixel devices, raising questions about whether this feature will be exclusive to Pixel smartphones.

While definitive proof is currently limited, this development seems to align with Apple’s decision last year to introduce widgets to the iOS lock screen.

It appears that Google may be responding to this Apple innovation by aiming to offer similar functionality to Android users.

The latest beta build also introduces the ability to customize shortcuts on the lock screen, particularly those located in the lower left and right corners.

Once again, this feature seems to be restricted to Pixel phones, leaving some uncertainty about its availability on other Android 14 devices.

This new customization tool allows users to choose from a wide array of apps and tasks, instead of being confined to default shortcuts.

Options include toggling Do Not Disturb mode, activating the Flashlight, opening the Google Home app, muting notifications, scanning QR codes, accessing your wallet, or instantly starting video recording.

Users can access these options by navigating to the Wallpapers & Style menu in their device’s Settings, selecting the Lock screen option, and then locating the Shortcuts sub-menu.

Android fans won’t have to wait long to see these potential enhancements, as Android 14 is set to launch alongside the Pixel 8 series in October.

This update is expected to bring a host of improvements and new features, including support for Android 14’s Ultra HDR format in Google Photos.

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