24/7 Parking Zones in Dubai, Tickets, Price & More

Dubai has a unique parking system that caters to the needs of its residents and visitors. While most public parking spots in the city allow you to purchase a parking ticket for a maximum of four hours, there are specific zones that offer the convenience of a 24-hour parking option.

Parking Codes in Dubai

The parking zones in Dubai are easily identifiable by their distinctive blue and orange signs, displaying the parking zone number and code. The letter in the code holds significant information, including the hourly parking rate applicable in the zone, the minimum and maximum duration allowed for parking on a single ticket, the designated times when parking in the zone is free, and the eligibility for using a seasonal parking card within the zone.

Code B

Parking duration and fees:

  • Dh3 per hour
  • Dh6 for two hours
  • Dh8 for three hours
  • Dh12 for four hours
  • Dh15 for five hours
  • Dh20 for 24 hours

Code D

Parking duration and fees:

  • Dh2 for one hour
  • Dh4 for two hours
  • Dh5 for three hours
  • Dh7 for four hours
  • Dh10 for 24 hours.

Code K

  • Dh2 for 30 minutes
  • Dh4 for one hour
  • Dh8 for two hours
  • Dh12 for three hours
  • Dh16 for four hours.
  • Dh20 for five hours
  • Dh24 for six hours
  • Dh28 for seven hours
  • Dh32 for eight to 24 hours.

24/7 Parking Zones

Among these zones, Al Ghubaiba Car Park, Al Sabkha Car Park, Naif Car Park, Al Kifaf Car Park, Oud Maitha Car Park, Al Satwa, Al Rigga Car Park, and Bani Yas Car Park are some of the locations where motorists can avail of a 24-hour parking ticket.

24/7 multi-storey car parks in Dubai

  1. Al Ghubaiba Car Park
  2. Al Sabkha Car Park
  3. Naif Car Park
  4. Al Kifaf Car Park
  5. Oud Maitha Car Park
  6. Al Satwa
  7. Al Rigga Car Park
  8. Bani Yas Cark Park

Multi-storey parking fees in Dubai:

  • Dh5 per hour, plus Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Dh42 for one day, plus VAT.

Parking Fees

The parking fees vary depending on the location and duration. For instance, multi-storey parking facilities charge Dh5 per hour plus Value Added Tax (VAT), and Dh42 for one day plus VAT. On the other hand, parking lots in non-residential locations identified by the code D charge Dh2 for one hour, Dh4 for two hours, Dh5 for three hours, Dh7 for four hours, and Dh10 for 24 hours.

Keeping Your Ticket Safe

Motorists are advised to keep their tickets safe to avoid any inconvenience or additional charges. If a ticket is misplaced, a fine of Dh150 along with the parking fees for the duration of the stay is charged.

Public Parking Zones

It’s worth noting that public paid parking zones only charge for parking starting at 8 am each day, until either 6 pm or 10 pm, depending on the specific parking zone. These zones are free to use on Sundays, starting from either Saturday 6 pm or 10 pm (depending on the zone) until Monday 8 am.

Dubai’s flexible parking system caters to the diverse needs of its motorists, offering them the convenience of extended parking durations in specific zones.


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