Zong 4G and MYCO Team Up to Offer Free Live Streaming of ICC Cricket World Cup

Zong 4G has announced an exciting partnership with MYCO, a live-streaming platform. This collaboration is set to bring the exhilarating action of the ICC Cricket World Cup directly to the screens of cricket enthusiasts in Pakistan, absolutely free of charge.

The partnership comes at a time when cricket fever is at its peak in the country. The sport holds a special place in the hearts of Pakistanis, and the ICC Cricket World Cup is a much-anticipated event that brings fans together.

Recognizing the deep-rooted passion for cricket in the nation, Zong 4G has joined forces with MYCO to ensure that its customers do not miss out on any of the World Cup action.

Thanks to the My Zong App (MZA), customers can now catch all the cricketing excitement on the MYCO platform in high definition without needing to sign up.

The MZA also offers customers the opportunity to benefit from exciting promotions and exclusive offers, adding to the thrill throughout the tournament.

A spokesperson for Zong 4G stated that cricket has an unmatched following in Pakistan, and Zong 4G is committed to bringing the best cricket experience to its customers.

The collaboration with MYCO for the ICC Cricket World Cup reaffirms this commitment to providing seamless connectivity and entertainment to their valued subscribers.

As the ICC Cricket World Cup unfolds, Zong 4G and MYCO are set to elevate the viewing experience for millions of cricket lovers in Pakistan. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned for exciting promotions and updates as Pakistan competes for cricketing glory.

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