YouTube Now Lets Users Find A Song By Humming Its Tune

YouTube is currently testing a groundbreaking feature that allows users to identify songs by simply humming or singing them. This experimental feature presently available only to a select group of Android users, marks a significant leap in music recognition technology, surpassing Apple’s Shazam.

The company announced this development on its ‘YouTube test features and experiments’ page earlier this week. The new feature requires users to hum, sing, or record a snippet of a song for at least three seconds. YouTube’s system then identifies the melody and directs the user to relevant videos featuring the searched song. These could include the official music video, user-generated content, or YouTube Shorts.

This innovative song search feature can be accessed by switching from the standard voice search during the experimental phase. Despite being in its early stages, the feature has already garnered attention from Android users globally, with a lucky few having the opportunity to experience this musical experiment firsthand.

In addition to enhancing its music and content discovery capabilities, YouTube is also harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Earlier this month, the platform introduced a feature that uses AI to automatically generate video summaries, further demonstrating its commitment to leveraging advanced technology to improve user experience.

As YouTube continues to innovate and refine its features, users can look forward to more intuitive and engaging ways to discover and enjoy content on the platform.

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