YouTube Is Forcing You to Turn Off Ad Blocker

YouTube is presently doing an experiment to discourage users from using ad blockers while using the platform. Viewers have noticed a pop-up message referred to as the “three strikes” warning that recently began displaying while surfing the site with an ad blocker installed.

This warning has been depicted in several screenshots on Reddit and Twitter. The notification makes it clear that the YouTube “video player will be blocked after 3 videos” unless the ad blocker is turned off or the user subscribes to YouTube Premium.

The notification reads as follows:

You appear to be using an ad blocker. Unless YouTube is whitelisted or the ad filter is deactivated, video playing will be restricted. Ads enable YouTube to remain free for billions of people across the world. With YouTube Premium, you can avoid ads while still supporting creators.

The Google-owned platform’s experiment has been reiterated, with the corporation reaffirming that users would endure disruptions if they continue to resist requests to permit adverts on YouTube.

YouTube confirmed the matter in a statement sent to Tom’s Guide:

We are now undertaking a limited worldwide experiment in which we urge users who use ad blockers to either enable advertisements on YouTube or explore YouTube Premium. Ad blockers are routinely detected, and many other content providers frequently request that visitors disable ad blocks.

The number of people who have received the notification, as well as the exact regions where the trial is being done, has not been released by YouTube. It’s also unclear how to restore access to the site after being barred from watching.

Given that commercials are a substantial source of revenue for YouTube, it is reasonable that the company places a premium on audience engagement. Over the last three quarters, the platform’s revenue has consistently declined, providing a strong impetus to take a more proactive stance.

Farah Qaiser

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