Instagram Set to Triple Reels Duration in Bid to Rival TikTok

Instagram is planning to extend the duration of its video content Reels from the current 3-minute limit to a substantial 10 minutes. This information was revealed by mobile developer and renowned tipster, Alessandro Paluzzi, who also shared screenshots of the impending update.

The new feature is highly anticipated given Paluzzi’s credible history of accurate leaks. The extended duration for Reels will bring Instagram closer to the likes of YouTube and TikTok, both of which have recently updated their video length limits.

TikTok has introduced 20-minute videos, although this feature is exclusive to paying users, allowing them to enjoy longer content from their preferred creators. Meanwhile, YouTube has been concentrating on enhancing its short-form content, known as YouTube Shorts, even introducing additional monetization options earlier this year.

Instagram’s decision to increase the length of Reels is part of a broader strategy to boost user engagement. Many of the platform’s recent updates have been direct responses to features introduced by TikTok, including editing tools and templates designed to assist users in creating viral content. As competition among these platforms intensifies, users can look forward to more innovative features aimed at improving their content creation and consumption experience.

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