Yamaha Launches Exclusive Rim Stickers For YBR 125G

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has released customized rim stickers for the Yamaha YBR 125G to early purchasers for a limited time. The business said on Twitter, “Transform your automobile into a work of art with the unique rim stickers.”

“These are limited to only early customers,” it stated.

According to the firm, you must place your order as soon as possible to receive your YBR 125G with the distinctive rim stickers. Yamaha Motor Pakistan further says that the special rim stickers will ‘revolutionize the ride.’

It is worth noting that Yamaha recently debuted a new Matt Orange color for the Yamaha YBR 125G as well as hiked the pricing of its motorcycles, bringing the new price of the YBR 125G to Rs. 410,000.

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