Yamaha Announces Zero Markup Installment Plan Via Alfalah Bank

Yamaha has launched yet another comprehensive payment plan for all of their motorcycles. Although the offer is only offered to Bank Alfalah credit card customers.

The plan’s specifics are as follows:


While it is a beneficial payment plan, it does have certain limits. The 0% markup, according to the specifics, is exclusively available to Al-Falah credit card customers.

Furthermore, the 0% markup offer is only valid for 9 months. Interest payments are included in the 12-, 18-, 24-, and 36-month packages. Pak Suzuki Motor Company’s (PSMC) 0% markup plan offers a payment duration of up to two years and is accessible on all bikes.

In summary, Suzuki offers the most competitive payment plan of the ‘big three’ in the two-wheeler market (Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki). Yamaha’s strategy comes in second, while Honda’s is last since it is confined to the CD70 and CG125.

However, due to the popularity of its motorcycles, Honda’s strategy is expected to draw a huge number of purchasers.

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