What is a mobile sensor? And what are their uses?

Today more than 70% of people in India are using Android phones, it is the most popular operating system in the world so far, it was preceded by Symbian, Java, and many other operating systems, but still, no operating system is more popular than Android. The system could not be created. Running You must have heard about sensors in the Android operating system. But if you are using Android. Mobile sensors If you don’t know about it then read this post till the end.

What is a mobile sensor?

We can also call the sensor as Gyanandri or Sensor in Hindi. Or you can also say the technology that the mobile uses to understand your gestures. His mobile is called a sensor.

Every Android phone has some features, by using which we start liking the phone more.

For example, when we make a call, as soon as we put the phone to our ear. The phone’s display turns off. And as soon as we remove the phone from the ear. The light turns on again.

All this is done only by the mobile sensor.

So today we will talk about all the mobile sensors of Android phones, and also know which mobile sensor does what.

Types of Android Mobile Sensors

1. Light Mobile Sensor – The Light Mobile sensor is a very good sensor. The light sensor controls the phone’s brightness. With a light sensor, your phone’s display automatically dims whenever you’re in low light, or the dark, and as soon as you go back to a sunny or bright spot, the phone’s light rises again. This will not strain your eyes due to high brightness in the dark and will also make the phone battery last longer.

2. Fingerprint Mobile Sensor – This mobile sensor comes in very few phones. But nowadays this sensor has come in some cheap phones as earlier this sensor came only in expensive mobiles. This sensor is very good in terms of security. With the help of this, you can keep your phone more secure. Using it, you can lock your phone with your fingerprint, after which the phone will unlock only with your fingerprint.

This is a very secure lock, no one else can ever open this lock with their finger.

3. Proximity Mobile Sensor – Like the light sensor, the proximity sensor also controls the light in the phone, but here it does not dim or dim the light, but turns the light on or off.

Whenever you call someone and hold the phone to your ear to talk. So this sensor turns off the phone’s light, so the phone’s light doesn’t stay on for no reason, which drains the phone’s battery.

4. Universal Remote Sensor – This mobile sensor is very good. You will find many apps on the Google Play Store that let you control the TV from your mobile. You may also want to control your TV, and AC from your phone. You can do all this with just one universal remote sensor. Everything we do in our home is remote-controlled. You can control it from your mobile. Like Television or AC, Set U Box, etc.

5. Accelerometer mobile sensor- The job of the accelerometer is to detect which direction your phone is turning. This sensor helps you a lot in using the phone.

Like every time you watch a video, this sensor rotates the phone.

6. Gyroscope Mobile Sensor – The gyroscope sensor works like an accelerometer, but this sensor is more advanced than the accelerometer, the accelerometer can only rotate your phone’s display, but the gyroscope sensor can also detect the degree to which you are tilted. You can use this sensor mostly for playing games.

7. magnetometer – Almost all new phones these days come with a magnetometer, so you can find the direction. It works like a direction indicator. You can use it in the wild. Since all the forest roads are the same, this yantra is often used by people roaming or hunting in the forests.

Also, if you have installed a metal detector in your phone, this sensor attracts iron. So you can also use your phone as a metal detector.

8. Thermometer Mobile Sensor – You all must know about the thermometer because every doctor has it for you, but the thermometer sensor of the Android phone is a little different, it doesn’t tell your temperature but it can detect your heart rate. , as well as it tells you how your health is.

Nowadays you can also take care of your health from your Android phone. Sensors like these help build your health.

9. Air Humidifier Mobile Sensor – You will only find this sensor in a few phones. It is a sensor that tells you the weather around you. How hot and how cold it is around you, no one uses this sensor much.

10. Measure Distance Mobile Sensor – Nowadays, this sensor has started to appear in some devices. With the help of this sensor, you can check the length or width of the room by standing in a corner of the room. This sensor is often used for measurement purposes, we have seen some interior designers using this sensor as well.

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