University of Kotli MS/MPhil Admissions Date 2023 Extend

The University of Kotli Azad Jammu and Kashmir (UOKAJK) has announced an extension to the application deadline for its MS/MPhil and PhD programs for the academic year 2023. The new deadline is now set for August 30, 2023, providing prospective scholars with additional time to apply for a number of advanced degree programs.

UOKAJK, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, offers a wide range of programs in diverse fields. These include chemistry, physics, education, biotechnology, botany, mathematics, accounting and finance, computer science, banking and finance, and management science, among others. This extension aims to accommodate a wider spectrum of students who are keen on pursuing advanced education and research opportunities at this esteemed institution.

In addition to extending the application deadline, UOKAJK has also scheduled the admission test for these programs on September 2, 2023. This gives candidates ample time to prepare for the examination and increases their chances of securing a place in one of the university’s prestigious programs.

This move by UOKAJK is seen as a significant step towards encouraging more students to pursue higher education and contribute to the field of research. It also reflects the university’s dedication to fostering academic excellence and providing equal opportunities for all aspiring scholars.


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