UHS Introduces New Policy for MBBS Students

The UHS Academic Council and Board of Studies in Medicine established a new evaluation policy for first-year MBBS students during a meeting presided over by Vice-Chancellor (VC) Professor Ahsan Waheed Rathore.

According to the new regulation, the first professional MBBS exam will consist of four evaluations totaling 1000 points. Major studies include physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry, while minor areas include behavioral sciences, public health, community medicine, pharmacology, pathology, and clinical foundation.

Professionalism, information technology, ethics, research, and leadership are among the topics that will be explored. The passing grade in university professional exams will be 50%.

The university will shortly provide a sample paper for students and faculty, and both internal and external examiners in practicals will be obliged to submit their results independently to the institution, according to VC Rathore.

A new, rigorous exam monitoring system has also been put in place to keep an eye out for any irregularities. A candidate must score a minimum of 85 percent in aggregate, with a minimum of eighty percent in the written test, to be considered for distinction.

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