Ufone 4G Offers Hajj Data Roaming Offer with 40-day Validity

Ufone 4G, a Pakistani telecommunications company, has launched an incomparable and best-value Data Roaming Offer for its prepaid customers traveling on the Holy pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

This special package will provide its customers unlimited access to WhatsApp calls, allowing them to communicate securely with friends and family back home.

This attractive package includes a hefty allocation of 7000 MBs of data for only PKR 4000, as well as unique unrestricted access to WhatsApp calls and messages from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Once subscribed, the deal is good for 40 days, which covers the whole Hajj time.

While Ufone 4G has data roaming services in place for Saudi Arabia all year, this special offer requires to provide additional benefits and enablement to Ufone 4G consumers by assisting them in meeting their required communication demands effortlessly.

The Hajj Data Roaming deal reflects Ufone 4G’s unwavering commitment to providing its subscribers with the greatest value for money. This bundle has the lowest pricing in the market, and the data bucket is massive to meet customers’ data needs for the extended validity period of 40 days.

The offer also reflects Ufone 4G’s ongoing dedication to customer-centricity, as it invests and innovates to touch on several socio-cultural aspects of its life.

The company’s capacity to traverse national borders to ensure that its customers are continually in contact with their loved ones shows how the users are at the heart of everything Ufone 4G ever imagines and builds.

Usman Mushtaq

Usman is a storyteller of online communities and digital connections. Through captivating user stories, his articles explore the power of social media in bringing people together from all corners of the virtual world.

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