Top Driving Schools in Sharjah 

Sharjah is home to several top-notch driving schools. These institutions play a crucial role in helping individuals acquire their driver’s licenses and become responsible drivers. Most of these driving schools are located in the Al Nasserya neighborhood, making it a hub for aspiring drivers.

Best Driving Schools in Sharjah

The process of obtaining a driver’s license in Sharjah involves enrolling in a driving school and passing a mandatory driving test. The choice of driving school significantly influences how quickly one can get their license and legally drive in the emirate. These schools provide necessary training and guide applicants through the required procedures, including understanding UAE traffic signs and regulations, local traffic laws, and penalties for traffic violations in Sharjah.

Among the top driving schools in Sharjah are Al Deyar Driving School, Al Shamsi Motor Driving School, Al Midfa Driving School, and Sharjah Driving Institute (SDI).

Al Deyar Driving School

Al Deyar Driving School is renowned for its commitment to excellence and inclusivity, especially for female learners. It has a team of skilled instructors certified by the prestigious Sharjah Police driving school. The school offers affordable tuition fees ranging from AED 25 to AED 35 per session, with flexible learning options available on weekends and weekdays.

Al Shamsi Motor Driving School

Al Shamsi Motor Driving School provides a systematic learning approach designed to make the driving experience easier for novices. It offers a customized curriculum to help new drivers develop their skills. The school has designed driving lesson packages tailored to three different categories: beginners, GCC license holders, and UAE national drivers.

Al Midfa Driving School

Al Midfa Driving School, founded in 1990, is committed to providing comprehensive safety guidance on how to drive safely on the emirate’s roads. The driving course for expat residents of Sharjah without a license costs AED 3,242 in total, which includes 30 driving lessons divided into initial training, assessment training, and city training.

The Sharjah Driving Institute

The Sharjah Driving Institute, established in 1992, is a well-respected institution in the city’s driving school landscape. It has played a key role in helping both expatriates and locals obtain valid driver’s licenses. The cost of car driving training at this institute starts at AED 4,825.

Required Documents for UAE Driving License

To apply for a driving license at most Sharjah driving schools, applicants need to submit certain documents, including a copy of their Emirates ID card, a No Objection Letter (NOC), a copy of their residence visa for the emirate of Sharjah, their original valid passport, along with a scanned copy, and four recent passport-sized photographs. However, the specific documents may differ depending on the driving school.

Sharjah boasts several top-tier driving schools that offer comprehensive courses and guidance to aspiring drivers. These institutions not only teach driving skills but also instill responsible and informed driving habits, ensuring the safety of their students and other road users.

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