Switzerland Announces Scholarships for Pakistani Students

The Swiss Government, in association with the Higher Education Commission, has announced the ‘Excellence Scholarship for Pakistani Students’ for the forthcoming academic year 2024-25 in an effort to boost international academic collaborations and research partnerships.

Every year, the Swiss Confederation bestows Excellence Scholarships, inviting scholars and researchers from over 180 countries to pursue educational and research opportunities in Switzerland.

These scholarships are available to postgraduate researchers in a variety of subjects, with eligibility needing at least a master’s degree. Individuals intending to undertake doctorate or postdoctoral research or study in Switzerland are invited to apply.

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are designed primarily to provide educational opportunities for prospective international researchers with master’s or doctorate degrees, as well as foreign artists with bachelor’s degrees. The Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS) oversees the scholarship selection procedure.

Aspiring students can select between one-year Research after Masters programs, three-year Ph.D. after Masters programs, and one-year Post-Doctorate programs. Those interested can acquire more information and application criteria by contacting us via email.

The application deadline for embassy filing is September 30, and further information may be found on the official website. This program demonstrates Switzerland’s dedication to academic excellence and worldwide scientific collaboration.

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