Suzuki Shuts Down Plant for Bikes Until 28th April

With letters of credit (LCs) banned for all ‘unnecessary’ imports in Pakistan, the country’s automakers — both two-wheelers and four-wheelers — are in a sorry state.

Pak Suzuki Motor Corporation (PSMC) has also extended the bike manufacturing shutdown by two weeks, according to a recent statement to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

According to the official notification:

suzuki production notice

Production was initially stopped between March 20 and March 31. The corporation then scheduled another outage from April 4 through April 15. According to the most recent notification, the shutdown has been extended from April 16 to April 28.

This means that Suzuki will not have manufactured a single bike for more than a month by the conclusion of the latest manufacturing stoppage.

Suzuki’s bike expenses have risen, with the GD110 S, its most affordable commuter bike, reaching Rs. 322,000. The GS150, which costs Rs. 350,000, is the next in line.

After that comes the GSX125, which costs Rs. 469,000, and the most costly bike in Suzuki’s lineup, the GR150, which costs Rs. 501,000.

It is expected that the recent production stop would be followed by a price increase, significantly reducing their demand.

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