Snack Video 14 August Offer | Win $500 iPhone and Rewards

This month, Snack Video has launched a new Snack Video August 14th Offer to give away free items and millions of rupees to app users who win the contest. If you’d want to see the list of winners, all you have to do is enter the competition.  

As of August 9th, Snack Video has launched a video competition called “My Beautiful Pakistan.” Snack Video is holding a contest in which users post videos of themselves costumed in independence-themed outfits to compete. Users that obtain the most views watch time, likes, and shares will earn a million dollars worth of prizes.  

Snack Video has announced three major competitions for August 14th. Winners of these competitions will get a variety of prizes based on their ranking. In addition, there will be rewards for just the top 50 users throughout the following 7 days.  

Snack Video 14 August Offer

With Snack Video, you can celebrate August 14th and maybe win prizes worth up to $500. You need to enter one competition and finish in the top 50 to receive the reward.   This application has organized three competitions.  

  • #ProudPakistani
  • #StandWithPAK
  • #PakistanKiAwaz

Snack Video 14 August Prizes

Participants will be awarded prizes based on their ranking in the competition. For each competition, the top 50 runners-up will be nominated for prizes. To provide a sense of Jashne Azadi, officials have advised viewers to post HD films with a green color theme.

This competition requires that users include #StandWithPAK or #ProudPakistani, or #PakistankiAwaz as video tags to be eligible for an index score.   Winner prizes are listed below in order of their rank:  


(1-3 Rank) iPhone 12 (4-6 Rank) Sony DSC WX800 Camera (7-10 Rank) PKR 20,000 (11-20 Rank) PKR 10,000 (21-50 Rank) PKR 5,000  


(1-3 Rank) DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone (4-6 Rank) Zhiyun Smooth Mobile Stabilizer (7-10 Rank) PKR 20,000 (11-20 Rank) PKR 10,000 (21-50 Rank) PKR 5,000  


(1-3 Rank) HyperX Microphone (4-6 Rank) JBL Bluetooth Speaker (7-10 Rank) PKR 20,000 (11-20 Rank) PKR 10,000 (21-50 Rank) PKR 5,000   Note: The HD (High Definition) content creator will receive one avatar frame.  

Top Six Prizes

We’ve already mentioned three different competitions, each of which has two major gifts that add up to a total of six (23 = 6). Listed below are the top 6 gifts for every event:  

DJI Mavic Air 2 DroneZhiyun Smooth Mobile Stabilizer
iPhone 12Sony DSC WX800 Camera
HyperX MicrophoneJBL Bluetooth Speaker

How To Participate?

Competition participation is simple. Upload your videos according to the sound and topic of August 14th. Then, add your own, aside from the three types of hash-tags listed above. Following the competition rules, if you get into the top 50 users, you will receive the prize listed above (rank-wise).  

  • Open the Snack Video App.
  • Click on the My Beautiful Pakistan option.
  • Click the Join Now button.
  • Upload videos of August 14th.
  • Give a hash-tag based on the competition.
  • You will be automatically chosen for the prize.
  • This is the method to enter this competition.

My Beautiful Pakistan Offer

My Beautiful Pakistan is the name of the Snack Video August 14th Offer on the official app. This is a chance to celebrate August 14th with Snack Video, and you can win prizes and cash.  

Last Date of Event

This event will take place from the 9th to August 18th in 2023. To gain the most views, watch time, likes, and comments, you may add your video as much as you want. With each new term, your chances of winning these amazing rewards will increase.  

Rules For Competition

  • Videos must be HD quality.
  • In the video, use as many green colors as possible.
  • Appear in green to appear patriotic.
  • Give the correct hash-tag to receive the index for the reward.
  • The prize will be awarded based on the number of views, likes, and shares of the video.
  • The winner will get his or her reward by parcel within 7 working days.

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