Reviewing the Noorio B200 Security Camera: Check Portability and Performance

Noorio B200 Security Camera

Noorio B200 is a wireless security camera with advanced features that protect your home and business. Its glossy design is beautifully made and provides comprehensive features that give you a high level of security and peace of mind. This camera is designed by Noorio Innovation Limited Company, which is well known for its safe home solutions and smart security cameras. This review will discuss every aspect of this Noorio B200 security camera, such as its wireless feature, wide-range zooming functionality and many more. With this review, you can easily make a wise decision about your home security. We will provide an honest and informed rundown.

Packaging and Design

When you buy a Noorio B200 security camera, the first thing that attracts you is its elegant packaging. The camera comes in a modern design box; after unboxing it, you can see a round-shaped, elegant camera that is furnished with matte. This vivid design makes it suitable for any environment. It has a compact size of 3.35 x 3.35 x 2.98 inches, which is appropriate for any location.

On its round body, you can see a lens and spotlight on the front side of the camera. The lens is covered with a protective film that protects the camera and lens from damage. There is a USB C-type plug, and sync buttons are on the back of the camera. You can also see the speakers at the bottom side of the camera. You can attach the product with a magnetic bracket or mounted bracket.

Video Quality

Clear and high-quality video is the first purpose of any security camera. Noorio B200 never disappoints if you want HD videos and clear footage. It has a 1080p camera with a wide-angle lens that gives you sharp, clear images and video from a long distance. The video quality is not only good during the daytime, but at night, it can capture images in darkness and cover approximately 30 feet.


The Noorio B200 security camera is very easy to install without any difficulty. All the essential hardware comes in packagings, such as a screw mount, magnetic mount, charging cable, screws and a user manual. You can set up the camera by reading the manual carefully. A magnet mount bracket is most suitable for me rather than screw mounts.

Setup through the App

After installation, set up the camera by installing the Noorio app on Android and IOS devices. This app is the center point that controls your camera remotely. When you install the app, make an account and scan the QR code that is located at the back of the product. After this, the camera pairs with the app and checks the camera performance and features on your mobile.

The interface of the app is very intuitive and user-friendly. You can control all the features of your security camera with just a tap, such as watching live streaming, storing, setting emergency alarms, on the spotlight and making recordings for later watching.

AI Motion Detection

AI motion detection is a standout feature of Noorio B200; with this feature, you can set up specific motions you want to monitor, such as the motion of humans, trees, animals and others. When the AI detects a specific motion, it will send an alarm notification on your mobile and alert you.

This feature can protect you from extra notifications and doesn’t constantly disturb you. You can also set a security alarm on a specific motion.

Cloud Services and Local Storage

It supports both local and cloud storage options. It has an SD card slot supporting 8GB of storage space. This storage is enough for your event records. You can take 3000 pieces of clear footage without any subscription. If you want to use a cloud storage service, subscribe to the package that suits you best. You can see the live streaming and video recording for later watch-through.

Two-way Audio Communication

Another feature of Noorio B200 is two-way communication, which means two persons communicate through the app. One person is outside or near the camera, and the other is inside the home. They can communicate with its high-quality microphone and speaker. It is a game-changer feature of this security camera in many urgent situations.

A Cost-Effective Option

Many security cameras are available in the market with more features and higher ranges. These cameras are not always accessible to normal people. But the Noorio B200 is a security camera that fulfills individual needs at a reasonable price with a host of features.

Extra Features and Accessories

Noorio B200 has many more advanced features that enhance your security level. Some additional notable features are as follows:

  • Support Multiple Devices: You can view the camera feed on multiple devices. For example, all family members can see the feeding in their individual devices.
  • Discretion Mode: It also has a privacy mode in which you can turn off the cameras for specific events and requirements.
  • Spotlight Sensor: The built-in spotlight turns on when any unwanted motion occurs or is captured. This light also turns on when the camera detects any motion at night.
  • Battery Stability: It is a 100% wire-free device with 2 CR123A batteries, which work for up to 6 months.  
  • Pan Tilt Zoom option: The wide-angle lens can give you a PTZ view that covers a sharp, wide and clear view by zooming the lens.

Pros & Cons


  • High-quality HD video
  • Crystal night vision display
  • AI motion detection
  • Shiny and long-lasting design
  • Multiple storage options
  • Privacy mode option
  • Cost-effective device


  • Slight audio delay
  • App Connectivity issue


The Noorio B200 security camera is full of advanced and reliable features. It is a cost-effective product that comes in elegant packaging. It offers 1080p video quality, two-way audio communication, AI detection, and many more features. It is a suitable option for those who upgrade their security at a reasonable price.

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