Punjab to Provide Internet Facility to All Schools

According to sources, the Punjab Schools Education Department (SED) has decided to give internet connectivity to all schools in the state. This decision ensures that all Punjabi schools, regardless of size or geography, have access to Internet education materials.

Furthermore, the department has created a smartphone application to arrange lectures for Intermediate level students. This endeavor aims to help students overcome the need for tutoring and improve their educational results. Students will be able to use the app from their schools or homes to get lectures on any topic.

Furthermore, SED has approved the construction of 10 mobile schools around the province. The Department will provide 10 buses for this initiative, which will only be utilized for students from low-income households that have limited access to schools. The federal government will fund these mobile schools, which will be supplied with the equipment needed to offer high-quality education.

The Punjab Secretary of Schools, Maqbool Dhavla, has suggested that the project begin immediately, emphasizing the need of providing fair educational opportunities to all pupils. This initiative will strengthen Punjab’s education system and raise the literacy rate overall.

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