Sunrise and Sunset Timings in Dubai – December 2023

Dubai's Sunrise and Sunset Schedule for December 2023

Dubai has always been a favorite spot for sunrise and sunset enthusiasts. As we approach December 2023, the exact timings for these natural spectacles have been released.

Timings for Sunrise and Sunset in Dubai

For those who want to observe their daily prayers or capture the city’s beauty in the golden hues of the sun, knowing the precise sunrise and sunset times is crucial. The schedule for December 2023 reveals that the sunrise in Dubai will be around 06:46 am at the start of the month, gradually moving to 07:03 am by the end of December.

DateSunrise in DubaiSunset in DubaiLength of Day (Hours)
1st December06:46 am05:28 pm10:41
2nd December06:47 am05:28 pm10:40
3rd December06:48 am05:28 pm10:39
4th December06:49 am05:28 pm10:39
5th December06:49 am05:28 pm10:38
6th December06:50 am05:28 pm10:38
7th December06:51 am05:28 pm10:37
8th December06:51 am05:29 pm10:37
9th December06:52 am05:29 pm10:36
10th December06:53 am05:29 pm10:36
11th December06:53 am05:29 pm10:35
12th December06:54 am05:30 pm10:35
13th December06:55 am05:30 pm10:35
14th December06:55 am05:30 pm10:35
15th December06:56 am05:31 pm10:34
16th December06:56 am05:31 pm10:34
17th December06:57 am05:31 pm10:34
18th December06:58 am05:32 pm10:34
19th December06:58 am05:32 pm10:34
20th December06:59 am05:33 pm10:34
21st December06:59 am05:33 pm10:33
22nd December07:00 am05:34 pm10:33
23rd December07:00 am05:34 pm10:33
24th December07:01 am05:35 pm10:34
25th December07:01 am05:35 pm10:34
26th December07:02 am05:36 pm10:34
27th December07:02 am05:36 pm10:34
28th December07:02 am05:37 pm10:34
29th December07:03 am05:38 pm10:34
30th December07:03 am05:38 pm10:35
31st December07:03 am05:39 pm10:35

The length of the day will also decrease slightly throughout the month, starting with 11 hours and 12 minutes on the 1st of December and ending with 10 hours and 41 minutes on the 30th.

Making the Most of the Sunrise and Sunset

These timings can be particularly useful for photographers looking the best natural light for their shots. The city offers numerous spots for photoshoots, where one can capture the quintessential beauty of Dubai’s distinct landscapes.

Moreover, if you’re planning a romantic date, these timings can help you book a table at one of Dubai’s many romantic spots to watch the sunset together.

For early risers, there are several top breakfast spots in Dubai to kickstart your day. Alternatively, camping overnight at one of the UAE’s top spots can offer a unique opportunity to witness the beautiful sunrise.

In addition to this, Muslims preparing for daily prayers can also benefit from knowing the sunrise and sunset times.

As we move into December 2023, residents and visitors of Dubai can look forward to experiencing the city’s natural splendor at its best. Whether you’re a photographer, a nature enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the serene beauty of a sunrise or sunset, these timings will ensure you don’t miss out on these spectacular moments.


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