Google Introduces Blue Tick Verification On Gmail

Google has announced the addition of a new feature to Gmail: a blue tick next to the names of specific senders. The objective of this tick is to assist users in verifying the sender’s identity.

Google announced the release of Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) in Gmail in a recent blog post, which requires senders to utilize strong authentication and authenticate their brand logo for it to be shown as an avatar in emails. The blog post emphasized the company’s dedication to validating sender identification and strengthening email security.

While the blue tick on Twitter represents verified accounts, the blue tick in Gmail is designed to validate the sender’s identity and signal that the message has been authenticated. This is part of the company’s attempts to combat email spoofing and phishing, two major ways fraudsters use to obtain personal information and conduct destructive operations. By implementing the blue tick, Google hopes it would be easier for consumers to recognize legitimate emails and protect themselves from possible security dangers.

Google’s new blue tick will be displayed exclusively to businesses that have enabled Gmail’s Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) function. This upgrade intends to assist users in distinguishing legitimate communications from suspected impersonators while also improving email security through robust authentication. Google thinks that by making this change, users will be able to recognize and avoid spam more efficiently, improving the entire experience of the email ecosystem.

The authentication procedure not only assists senders in building confidence in their brand but also improves the email ecosystem by giving readers with an immersive experience.

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