PIA Offers 20% Fare Discount for Students

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has unveiled a special promotion tailored for students. The national airline is offering a generous 20 percent discount on airfares for flights to China, coupled with an increased luggage allowance of 80 kg.

This offer is particularly significant for students traveling between Pakistan and China, providing them with a cost-effective travel option.

The airline, which operates a weekly flight every Sunday from Islamabad to Beijing and back, is keen on attracting more passengers after facing substantial financial setbacks, partly due to fuel shortages. To boost its customer base, PIA has been rolling out various attractive offers.

Before this student discount, the airline had introduced a 15 percent discount for passengers flying from Toronto to Pakistan. Furthermore, PIA recently reduced ticket prices for Umrah pilgrims by up to Rs. 6,000.

This latest initiative is part of PIA’s ongoing efforts to support educational pursuits and ease the financial burden on students studying abroad. The resumed weekly flights to China in August have already been a step forward in enhancing connectivity, and this discount is expected to further facilitate academic travel.

Students looking to take advantage of this offer should note the specific terms and conditions that may apply. With the airline’s commitment to providing value to its customers, especially during challenging economic times, such promotions are a welcome move for the student community seeking affordable travel options.

Zamin Sheikh

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