Pakistan Railways Hikes Fares Twice in a Single Month

Pakistan Railways has announced a fare increase for the second time. The latest increase, effective from September 19, 2023, is a 5 percent hike applicable to all mail/express, intercity, saloons, and parcel trains. This decision comes in the wake of a significant rise in petroleum product prices.

The updated fare table will be implemented across all relevant stations and booking/reservation offices. The Director of IT has been directed to apply the 5 percent increase to advance reservations as well. The revised fare chart will be accessible on the Pakistan Railways website for public reference.

However, it’s important to note that this fare increase will not affect short-lead passenger trains, shuttle trains, and long-lead trains covering a distance of 1 to 250 kilometers.

This is the second instance within a month where the Railways has had to adjust its fares due to escalating fuel costs. In August, a 10 percent fare increase was announced for all mail/express, intercity, shuttle, passenger trains, and saloons, effective from August 17, 2023. Additionally, earlier in September, postal and motorcycle transportation rates were also raised by 5 percent.

These consecutive fare hikes reflect the pressure exerted by the rising fuel prices on the transportation sector, particularly the railways. As the cost of petroleum products continues to climb, it remains to be seen how further adjustments will be made to maintain the balance between operational costs and affordable fares for passengers.

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