Pakistan Gambling & Online Betting Sites: Islam’s View 

Those who win today may lose another day

Sports are popular all throughout the world, and several of them are popular with Pakistanis. However, making betting on sports in Pakistan is difficult. Gambling is illegal in the country since it is an Islamic country.

Pakistan is another country that prohibits all forms of gambling, including casino gaming. This is not to say that some of the locals do not participate in internet gambling. Individuals who enjoy this type of game will have a chance to break the law.

Some claim that when it comes to online gambling, Pakistani officials fail to implement gambling laws. Others have expressed an interest. According to one account, several people were imprisoned for gambling in 2012. The legal argument was that internet connectivity used for online betting was conducting a gambling game.

However, there is a loophole in this gambling law that allows some activities that could be regarded as games of chance or betting in other countries to consider gambling in Pakistan. The Sunan Abi Dawud of 1932 offered a reason for this.

Since 1979, the following types of gambling have been legal in the country:

  • Horse racing betting
  • Prize bonds (lotteries and raffles)
  • Some sports betting tips were also tolerated (though they were never truly legal).

Placing bets on any internet gambling site is basically illegal. This is not enforced, and no players are penalized. In fact, one of the leading online bookmakers admitted to having over 700 daily users from Pakistan, and this is just one of the thousands of online gambling platforms that accept Pakistani players.

No bettors were ever punished, and the government does not intentionally follow Pakistani participants.

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Islam’s View on Gambling

Gambling is defined as the act of offering or receiving money or things in exchange for an unknown result. Gambling is any game or bet that contains this quality and is performed in the hope of earning money or goods, whatever its name.

The word “maysir,” which appears in the Qur’an, is derived from the word “yusr,” which means “ease,” indicating that money or assets may be readily won or lost through gambling.

Gambling is a method of getting unwarranted money that causes man to forget his Creator, keeps him from praying, promotes lethargy, destroys his ability to work, and creates grudges and enmity between people. All forms of gambling that cause irreparable harm to one’s personal and social life are considered haram in Islam.

Games of chance are any games that provide either advantage or harm. Gambling is defined as wasting one’s money or property unfairly, which is similar to stealing money or property on purpose. Gambling is a social calamity. They are always viewed as evils that harm families and are therefore prohibited in Islam.

Those who lose their health, luck, ethics, and money by playing around a table till the next morning because of the excitement produced by ambition and greed. They also lose touch with their humanity. Those who win today may lose tomorrow. Women, children, and the poor are also entitled to lose money in gambling. The money won through gambling is not legal.

The societal harm grows as the game is expanded. Laziness has taken the place of work. Productivity falls. Other negative things have to do with gambling, such as alcohol, lies, greed, spite, envy, revenge, and murder.

Gambling also generates conflict and makes people oblivious to the treatment of their families. Many individuals sell their faith, respect, and country for the fun of the game, violating many basic principles.

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Gambling, like alcohol, quickly becomes an addiction. It is really tough to avoid it. Gambling and drinking are thus extremely harmful habits.

Games of chance include any game in which one can win or lose money, such as dice, cards, lottery, pools, racing betting, and so on.

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