New Guidelines For Twitter Verification Badge (Blue Tick)

Earning a Twitter verification badge puts you ahead of other users. With a surge in the number of fake Twitter accounts, a badge puts you in an exclusive position. Typically, the verification badge signals to other users that you can be trusted.

Introduced in 2009, the Twitter verification badge helps Twitter distinguish between genuine and fake profiles. Generally, the Blue tick lets people identify authentic Twitter profiles with ease.

A blue checkmark on Twitter not only signals that an account is verified but also means that a Twitter profile is credible and of public interest. This has made it easy for people to distinguish genuine Twitter profiles from imposters.

The major benefit of having a verified Twitter account is that their tweets are given priority in mentions, replies, and searches. The good news is that once your Twitter account is verified, you improve the potential of fast-tracking growth since it signals that you can be trusted.

Are you stuck on how to get verified on Twitter? Here is how!

Account Must Be Complete

Before you apply for Twitter verification, it is important to ensure the account creation process is complete. This means the name and photo should be displayed on your account. Even though Twitter is evolving to conform to the current trends, the need for a photo and username signals that you are a real user.

Just like any other social media platform, an incomplete profile makes it challenging for people to know what your profile is all about. With many fake Twitter profiles coming up each day, giving your profile an identity goes a long way in establishing trust with other users.

Similarly, Twitter requires that users have to include a profile photo and a name to get verified. Just like Facebook, misrepresenting facts on your profile may lead to account suspension. Depending on what you intend to achieve with your Twitter account, it is important to submit a real picture of yourself.

Your Account Must Be Authentic

To safeguard other users, Twitter screens every profile to ascertain whether it is authentic. Some of the factors considered in this case include the type of Twitter handle, name and photo used. Incase of any suspicion, your account may not only pass the verification process but also risks being suspended.

Other measures that Twitter takes in the process of ascertaining a genuine account include the use of misleading information. This means your account may not be verified if you submit the wrong information.

For example, if you engage in spam or any sort of manipulation on the platform then you may not be approved. As such, the success of the approval process is dependent on whether your account is real or fake.

Security Features

Another important element that Twitter considers in the verification process is the security status of your profile. For example, your Twitter account must have been operational for at least 90 days prior to verification.

Additionally, the Twitter profile must have a verifiable phone number. Other benefits of a phone number for your Twitter profile include an easier account recovery process and access to security features like login verification. This plays a central role in not only securing your Twitter account but regaining access should anything happen.

Generally, attaching a phone number to your Twitter profile makes it easy for you to regain access to your profile should anything happen. Therefore besides a phone number being needed in the account verification process, it plays an integral role in securing your profile.

Actively Used For 30 Days

To subscribe to Twitter blue, your profile must have been active for at least 30 days prior to the verification process. Active on Twitter means user interactions with others. This may include engagement, tweeting, responding to tweets, and other social media engagements.

Active Twitter users have a solid following that follows back. In normal circumstances, accounts that you follow should be able to follow back. The lack of a balance between the number of followers and the rate of engagement raises suspicion about the credibility of your account.

It is therefore important to note that before you submit your account for verification, you should ensure the account has the right proportion of followers vs engagement. If not then your Twitter profile not only risks being suspended but also fails to meet the minimum requirements needed for verification.

No Recent Changes To Profile Information

Another important factor that Twitter considers in the approval process is the status of your Twitter profile. For example, the profile information must not have been changed recently. It is believed that constant changes on a Twitter profile raise suspicion.

As such, before you submit your profile for verification on Twitter, it is important to ensure that the photo, name, and Twitter handle remain the same. This not only signals that the account is genuine but also makes it easy to ascertain whether the profile has good intentions.

With suspicious Twitter profiles coming up each day, Twitter has put in place strict verification measures to ensure only real users get verified. This is because the idea behind the blue tick is to show people that a Twitter profile is genuine.

Avoid Abusive Language

Another factor that may make it difficult to pass the approval process is the use of abusive language. If your Twitter account is reported several times for involving in bullying or abusive language then you may not be verified.

Just like Facebook and other social media platforms, the security of other users is paramount. Once you submit your Twitter profile for verification, the scrutiny of how the profile is used plays a significant role in the final outcome.

It is important to note that constant violation of Twitter’s community standards is not only an impediment to your verification process but also compromises the credibility of your profile. While you may be eager to earn the verification badge, how you use your account goes a long way in passing the screening process.

Must not have Engaged in Spam

Spam is another element that Twitter considers in the verification process. This not only involves posting multiple times in a bid to manipulate Twitter trends but also sending a high number of unsolicited replies.

Twitter’s spam policy discourages users from engaging in deceptive, bulk activity aimed at either acquiring new followers or increasing likes. This may include malicious automation systems aimed at improving engagement among other activities that go against Twitter’s community standards.


Earning a Twitter verification badge goes a long way in building a strong brand portfolio in the social media space. When you are verified, Twitter not only shows your tweets to more people but also makes it easy for you to get conversions.

Therefore before you submit your Twitter handle for verification, it is important to confirm whether your account meets the criteria required. Failure to comply with the guidelines outlined in this article not only makes it difficult to pass the screening process but may as well lead to account suspension.

For example, should Twitter detect suspicious activity on your Twitter profile upon submission, you risk being suspended. It is against this backdrop that we encourage you to adhere to the guidelines in this article to help you pass the scrutiny process.

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