Telenor Weekly EasyCard Extreme Offer

Telenor has introduced its Weekly Easy Card Extreme offer, where Telenor users can enjoy one week of uninterrupted chatting, and streaming by refilling the balance of just Rs 350.

On-net minutes75000 Telenor and PTCL
Off-net minutes200
Internet20GB + 20GB 01:00-11:00
Validity7 days

Which customers are eligible for Telenor Weekly EasyCard Extreme offer?

All prepaid customers of Telenor can subscribe to this offer. And currently, this offer is only available in the seller menu and Easypaisa app.

How to subscribe to Telenor Weekly EasyCard Extreme offer?

Users can benefit from this campaign by dialing *345*67#.

How to exit Telenor Weekly EasyCard Extreme offer?

Once the validity period expires, this offer will expire automatically. Therefore, the user does not need to dial any subscription codes.

Terms & Conditions

  • The package will not renew automatically
  • Search setup fees do not apply to this package.
  • By dialing *123#, customers will be able to check their free resources.
  • Customers who receive this as a package via reseller, download or refill will have their current reload validity period extended up to a maximum of ninety days.
  • Taxes are included in the prices
  • When the offer expires or expires, the subscriber will be charged standard rates for out-of-network/network calls and data.
  • Good offer for multiple subscriptions with each new subscription added to previous resources
  • Each time you resubscribe to the offer, the validity period is extended for another seven days.

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