Meaning behind ‘Salty Ice Cream’ trend is going viral on TikTok

Since the word “salty ice cream” went viral on TikTok, users have been trying to figure out what it means. Without a doubt, the word was coined in Urban Dictionary, and its connotation is extremely gloomy. To understand the significance of the current TikTok craze of “salty ice cream,” we have compiled all the information you’ll need right here.

What does the TikTok term “salty ice cream” mean?

Corey Miller is credited as being the first user to submit the term “salty ice cream” to Urban Dictionary. The website warns users of disturbing and s*xual content before it explains the meaning of the word.

You can’t tell who wrote an entry in Urban Dictionary, and anyone could add to the site. This is the reason why the site has a wealth of unusual terms with baffling explanations, such as “salty ice cream.” If you had never heard this word before, you probably wouldn’t have lost any sleep over it, but now that it’s trending on TikTok, everyone wants to know what it means.


sometimes learning something new everyday is not needed in life :/ #fyp #foryou

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‘Salty Ice Cream’ trend is going viral on TikTok

Some TikTokers have even made videos recording their shock and disgust at the true meaning of “salty ice cream” after discovering it. You can’t claim you weren’t warned, because almost everyone who has looked up the word has later expressed regret at giving up their interest.

Okay, so apparently sperm that has been sitting about for more than two days is like salty ice cream, at least according to Urban Dictionary. It has traumatized you. The experience has left me traumatized. Both of us are traumatized.