Sindh Govt Launch Pink Electric Taxi Service Soon

Sharjeel Memon, Sindh Transport Minister, declared that the provincial government will introduce an electric taxi service for Karachi citizens. While chairing a transportation conference, Memon also announced the debut of pink-colored taxis for female passengers.

In the initial phase of the initiative, around 200 electric taxis will be introduced, with 50 of them designated as pink taxis for women. Memon went on to say that the project works to give women reliable and convenient transportation choices.

Previously, the minister stated that current ride-hailing businesses had significantly raised their charges. The development of a new, less-priced taxi service has become even more important. According to him, the new service will also enable and promote the use of environmentally friendly transportation in the city.

According to Memon, Sindh’s public transportation industry is facing considerable issues. He stated that the administration is attempting to solve these issues by providing citizens with contemporary and pleasant transportation choices.

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