How to Delete Your Genshin Impact Account

Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a casual player, there’s no denying that Genshin Impact has taken the gaming world by storm. However, as with any application, there may come a time when you decide to delete your account.

Doing this safely and correctly is crucial, particularly because of the risk of losing your game data. This guide will walk you through the process, providing you with clear, step-by-step instructions to ensure you don’t lose valuable information.

How to Delete Genshin Impact Account

To begin the deletion process, navigate to the official Genshin Impact website.

  • Click on the ‘Login’ option and enter your credentials when prompted. Note: This should be the login information associated with the account you wish to delete.
  • Once logged in, click on ‘Account’ to access your settings. This will open the account management portal, where you can manage your account and alter its settings.
  • It’s here that you’ll find the ‘Account Security Settings’ tab, which you’ll need to click on to proceed with the deletion.
  • In the ‘Account Security Settings’ tab, you’ll see an option labeled ‘Delete Account.’
  • Click on this. To verify your decision, you’ll be sent a code to your email address.
  • Check your email, enter the code, and click ‘Next.’ Finally, confirm the deletion by clicking ‘OK’ in the last window.
  • After requesting the deletion of your Genshin Impact account, a grace period of 30 days is given.

During this time, you can reactivate your account on the miHoYo website. However, if you don’t reactivate it within these 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted, and it won’t be retrievable.

Can I Delete Genshin Impact Without Losing Data?

Genshin Impact is an immersive game known for its high-definition graphics and multi-language voice acting.

One key aspect to understand before deleting the game is that your progress is stored in your Genshin Impact account, not the app itself.

This means that as long as you have access to your account, your progress and data won’t be lost if you uninstall the app.

Uninstalling the app simply removes the software from your device, whereas deleting your account erases all the data associated with it.

If you uninstall the app without deleting your account, you can reinstall the game at any time, log back into your account, and continue from where you left off.

Does Deleting Genshin Impact Delete Everything?

As mentioned earlier, Genshin Impact saves all your data and progress in your account, not the app. Therefore, if you uninstall the app, your data won’t be lost.

You can simply reinstall the app on the same device, or even a different one, log back in, and all your progress will still be there.

If you’re switching devices or have multiple gaming devices, you don’t need to worry about losing your Genshin Impact data.

As long as you remember your account information, you can log in from any device and find all your progress intact.

How to Delete Genshin Impact Account on PS4

For those who play Genshin Impact on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, deleting your account is a bit more complex. This is because your Genshin Impact account is linked to your PSN account.

To delete your account, you’ll need to contact miHoYo customer support directly and follow their instructions. This process may take up to a week to complete, so be prepared for this timeframe.

How to Delete Genshin Impact Account from Facebook

Method 1: Via Apps and Websites Option

If your Genshin Impact account is linked to your Facebook account, there are two methods you can use to delete it.

The first method involves using the ‘Apps and Websites’ option on Facebook. To do this, click on your profile icon on Facebook, select ‘Settings & Privacy,’ then click on ‘Settings.’

Method 2: Alternative

The alternative method involves going directly to the Genshin Impact website.

After logging into your account, go to ‘Account Security settings,’ and you’ll find the Facebook option where your account is linked.

Click on the Facebook icon, and delete Genshin Impact from Facebook.


Deleting your Genshin Impact account is a significant decision that should not be made lightly. It’s crucial to understand that this action will permanently erase all your account-related characters, equipment, and achievements. By following this guide, you should now have a clear understanding of how to safely and correctly delete your Genshin Impact account without losing any data. If you have more questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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