HEC Takes a Stand Against Rising Educational Visa Fraud

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has taken decisive action to combat the escalating issue of educational visa fraud, which has left numerous students and their families at risk. Recent reports have revealed that fraudulent groups, some of whose members originate from Sialkot, have been exploiting the student visa processing system.

According to insider sources from HEC, these criminal networks are employing a variety of deceptive tactics. These include promising guaranteed admission into foreign universities, charging exorbitant fees, and making false promises of scholarships. In response to this growing problem, the HEC has issued a stern warning to students and their parents.

The HEC has underscored the importance of verifying the registration status of foreign universities with the appropriate accrediting bodies. They also recommend direct communication with the concerned educational institutions or embassies to obtain accurate information.

HEC is urging applicants to verify any claims related to academic programs, scholarships, and visa prerequisites. As more and more students aspire to study abroad, vigilance and thorough research have become essential tools in protecting against educational visa fraud. The HEC’s proactive stance is a significant step towards ensuring the safety and security of students seeking international education opportunities.

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