Google Bard AI is Coming to Android Phones Soon

According to the most recent leaks, Google’s ChatGPT competitor Bard will be arriving on Android phones shortly. According to sources, Google’s AI chatbot will be available as a home screen widget for Pixel phones first.

According to the source, Bard might arrive as a standalone app, a home screen widget, or even an integration within the Google Search app. The effect Bard will have on phones is currently uncertain.

According to sources, Bard will serve as an assistant with certain system control skills, rather than just a chatbot. The coding currently indicates that this functionality is being developed just for Pixel phones.

Nonetheless, Google often tests new features on Pixel models, allowing the corporation to examine real-world circumstances and present technology aficionados with a sneak peek at upcoming advances.

These findings are based on code analysis, and Google’s objectives might change at any time. It should also be emphasized that Bard is presently an experimental project and is not available to the general public.

Users who want to try it out can register and join the waitlist, or they can explore other services that are currently available, such as ChatGPT or Bing.

It’s worth noting that Google is notorious for dropping initiatives and even products that have been on the market for years. So it’s conceivable that Bard for Android phones will never see the light of day.

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