How to get car loan from bank in Pakistan?

Public transportation may be expensive, but personal transportation has become a need for people. Reaching for a personal automobile instills pride and motivation in every one of us. However, the continuous and upward increase in taxes and rates is making life more miserable and expensive. Saving money in such situations might be difficult. Either actual ROIs or bank loans are the solutions.

Of course, if you don’t want to invest and prefer to play the long game, you can take out a loan. The bank loan will supply you with enough money to purchase a car once you make an agreement that you will pay back the quantity of money within a particular period of time. There is, without a doubt, a process for applying for a bank loan, which we have detailed below.


The more you inquire, the more you will be told. Don’t get stranded on one deck; instead, move. Transfer from one bank to another and investigate the various loan procedures at each. Some banks may need you to repay in one year, while others may want you to refund in installments. Every bank has its own set of policies and procedures, which is why you should learn as much as you can about them.


After considering all of your alternatives, choose the best one and apply for the loan by filling out the form provided IT returns, income stubs, bank statements, passports, driving licenses, and other related papers are normally required to be submitted.

Visit by a Field Investigation Agency Representative

After your application is accepted, the investigation team will come to your home to confirm the information you provided in the form. It is important that you answer any questions from the investigator since any uncertainty may result in the denial of your loan application.

Loan approval

The loan is granted if the procedures run smoothly and without hiccups. You will be given a check along with your signed pledge to reimburse the bank.

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