GC University Announces Special Bonus for Employees Before Eid

In appreciation of its employee’s hard work and devotion, GC University Lahore has awarded a special Eid bonus. Prof Dr. Asghar Zaidi, Vice Chancellor of GC University Lahore, conveyed the news to his colleagues in a message.

Non-teaching personnel will get a special Eid honorarium equal to one-half of their 2017 basic pay scale under the new provision.

Meanwhile, all teaching personnel will be paid a set salary. The announcement has been received well by the university’s workers.

“We are delighted to provide this token of recognition to our teaching and non-teaching employees on the occasion of Eid,” Prof Dr. Asghar Zaidi said. They are an integral part of our university, and we really appreciate their devotion and hard work. This is our way of saying thank you for your contributions.”

The special Eid honorarium was initially meant just for non-teaching personnel. The Academic Staff Association of GCU requested that the faculty be included in this clause.

Prof Dr. Babar Aziz GCU, President of the GCU Academic Staff Association, and Registrar Dr. Shaukat Ali thanked the Vice Chancellor.

They claimed that the special Eid honorarium is anticipated to bring some financial relief to GC University Lahore’s teaching and non-teaching staff, letting them to celebrate Eid with their loved ones.

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