12 Free Web Series App 2023

The popularity of web series has been steadily increasing over the past few years. This is why people are on Google more often these days. Free web series app Keep searching. Not only the youth of today but people of every class are preferring to watch more than movies.

Because here you can watch the best content-based web series full of entertainment. In this era of technology, such an application exists not only on Android but also on the iOS platform where you can watch web series for free.

That is why we are telling you about some of the best applications.

Free Web Series App | Free Web Series App 2023

Who are we to you today? Free web series app Speaking of them, I can let you watch not only Indian but also international web series for free. Web series are available on these apps not only in Hindi English but also in many other languages ​​of India.

So guys come now without any delay. Free web series app to know about.

1. MX Player

Free web series app We have placed MX Player at number one in the list. Because there is no better app than MX Player to watch web series or movies for free. Here you will get to watch many entertaining web series not only from Bollywood, and Hollywood but also from around the world.

MX Player is a huge OTT platform that also produces web series. That’s why here you get to watch all kinds of content like action, horror, comedy, and romance for free. On MX Player, you don’t need to buy any kind of subscription plan.

You can gauge the popularity of this app from the fact that it has been downloaded by more than 1 billion people on Google Play alone. Apart from web series, and movies, you can also enjoy live TV, video songs, and sports here.


  • Web series in Hindi
  • Latest music videos and songs
  • Movies in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.
  • Daily TV Serials
  • Live TV Channels

2. MovieFlix: Movies and Web Series

If you are fond of watching web series then this app can be great for you. Because here you get to see all kinds of content. This app is available in several languages, in which apart from Bollywood, and Hollywood, you only get to watch content in languages ​​like Chinese, Korean, French, Tamil, and Telugu.

The MoviesFlix app is updated frequently, so you get to watch new movies here every day along with the latest web series. The most important thing about this app is that its interface is very simple and you don’t need to take any subscription. Also, it does not require registration to log in.


  • Fast content loading
  • Add your favorite web series and movies.
  • English, Bollywood, French, Spanish, and South Indian Movies.
  • Web Series- Comedy, Love, Romantic, Thriller, Action

3. TVF Play: Play India’s best original online video.

It is an Indian OTT platform for watching web series, here you get content mainly in the Hindi language. Yes, TVF Play is an online positive platform where you can watch all types of comedy, action, and crime-based web series made in India absolutely free. Along with watching entertaining web series, you can also watch funny videos on this app.

Another most important thing about this application is that here you can also download the content and after that, you can watch it offline mode. This application is only for the Android platform and hence it has been downloaded by more than 5 million people on Google Play Store.

4. Free web series

Friends, if you are looking for an application where you only get to watch web series, then a free web series app is going to be great for you guys. Yes, on this app you get to watch only web series in several Indian languages.

There are more than 900 web series with more than 1000 episodes. On this app, you can download and watch all kinds of web series like action, comedy, horror, and romantic for free.

If you turn on the notification of this app, you will see the web series coming here as a notification. It has more than 1 million users on Play Store.

5. Web series and TV shows in HD

Friends, if you are fond of watching web series as well as watching TV shows, then this application can be very useful for you. Yes, this application has been released recently, in which you can enjoy watching web series as well as TV shows.

Here you can watch web series online and that too absolutely free, you don’t need to pay any kind of subscription charge. This application is available on the Play Store in several languages ​​like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Orissa, and Urdu.

This application has more than 200 web series in various genres like Action, Romantic, Comedy, Thriller, and Drama. All the web series here are in full HD quality due to which its popularity is continuously increasing. People have also given this app a very good reviews on the play store.

6. DigiflixTV: Movies App Made in India

if you Free web series app Were you also want to watch movies then this app can be very good for you. Download this app and enjoy movies full of entertaining web series.

On the DigiflixTV app, you get to watch a wide variety of web series. One of the most important things about this app is that it is available for TVs other than Android. Yes, you can watch web series, movies, and TV shows by installing this app on the TV.

However, here you get to see less content than in other apps. But still, all the content here is full of fun.

7. MovieFlex: Hindi Dubbed Movie

Indian cinema has a huge Hindi audience, which is why all movies and web series are mostly made and dubbed in Hindi. That’s why we are telling you about such an awesome app where you guys get most of the content dubbed in the Hindi language.

There are over 10,000 Hindi movies and web series available on the MovieFlex app that you can watch for free. Apart from movies and web series, you can also enjoy live TV here. Web series and movies in more than 10 languages ​​including Bollywood, Hollywood, and South Cinema are available here dubbed in Hindi.

8. Movieplay: Movies and web series

MoviePlay app is one of the best apps on the Google Play Store to watch movies and web series. Here you can enjoy movies in many languages ​​like Hollywood, Bollywood, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi along with web series. This app is considered to be very good for watching movies and web series for free.

Movie Play App But there is all kinds of content available in science fiction, family drama, action, romance, comedy, and horror. Another special feature of this application is that here you don’t need to register as compared to other apps. You only need to install it to watch movies and web series.

9. Niri9-Movies and Web Series

Now the free web series app that we are telling you about is considered to be a very good app to download. This app is great for people who are short on time and prefer to watch web series by downloading them instead of watching them online.

Yes, with this app you can download web series and movies in HD quality. However, you don’t get to watch international content on this app. Here you can watch Hindi, Bengali, and Assamese language movies and web series only.

If you are a Hindi language listener then this app is great for you. Apart from web series and movies, you can also watch short movies and TV serials on this app. It has got a rating of 3.2 on the Google Play Store.

10. Mzaalo – Movies, Web Series

If you want to earn money along with having fun then this application can be very good for you guys. Yes, on this app you have to watch web series and movies, for that you get some points so that you can shop on an e-commerce website.

Here you guys get to watch very good quality content for free. Movies and web series of many big superstars of Bollywood, Hollywood, and South cinema are available on the Mazalu app. Apart from web series and movies, where you can also enjoy online TV shows. The app has over 50,000 hours of content and over 12,000 movies and web series packed with entertainment.

11. FZ Films – Short Films, Web Series, Movies.

It is a great OTT platform where you can enjoy web series, movies, and short films for free. This application is specially designed to watch web series and movies for free. Apart from all these, here you also get to watch some of the best documentaries and trending blogs.

Although this is an online OTT platform, you can also download the content here in full HD quality. Another most important thing about this application is that new content is added here every day.

Fz movies have a wide variety of best content like action, romantic, comedy, horror, drama, and science fiction. Users who have used this application have given it a very good rating of 4.6. This is the reason why the number of people downloading this app on the play store is increasing continuously.

12. GbFlix – Movies Web Series

If you are fond of watching international web series and movies, then this app will be great for you guys. The app is full of entertainment content in multiple languages ​​like Hollywood, Bollywood, French, Spanish, South Indian, and Gujarati.

Whenever a movie or web series is uploaded on this application, users get information through notification. The interface of the GBFlix app is very smooth and simple which makes it very easy to use.

To view any content here, you don’t need any kind of registration, unlike other apps. If we talk about the genre of web series available here, it has comedy, drama, love, action, romance, and thriller with all kinds of content.

If you like this article. 12 Free Web Series App 2023 If you like it, you can tell us by commenting. Keep reading our website for interesting information on entertainment, tourist attractions, technology, and inspiration.

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