Federal Govt Announces 3 Consecutive Holidays

Pakistan’s federal government announced May 1, which falls on Monday, as a gazetted holiday to commemorate World Labour Day.

All federal government and semi-government agencies, as well as schools and universities, will be closed on May 1 (Monday). According to the notice, this will result in a three-day straight holiday beginning on Saturday and ending on Monday.

World Labour Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, is observed annually on May 1 to recognize the contributions of workers. World Labor Day honors the labor force for improved working conditions, working hours, and salaries.

Furthermore, the day acts as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to protect workers’ rights and promote equitable labor practices across the world.

Many countries, including Pakistan, honor May 1 as a public holiday to recognize the important role of workers in their economy and to support laborers’ rights.

Workers’ rights organizations and trade unions frequently conduct rallies and other actions on this day to increase labor consciousness and push for improved working conditions and salaries.

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