Jovi ke Andar kya hai?

Would you like to see multiple billboards and streamers in the whole Twin City as you’re from Rawalpindi and Islamabad, “Jovi Ke Andar Kya Hai?” This question comes with a purple logo that shows a man with something on his back.

Although this question continued all the time to roam my mind, I went to look for it. I was addressed to by writing Jovi Pakistan on Google. The website is currently being developed. On the homepage, however, it has shown that the Jovi is a Vortex International project.

Jovi ke Andar kya hai?

Vortex Internation is a software firm based in Islamabad that provides other companies with app and web development services. It appears that under the Jovi platform, they are building their trademark.

This message is sure: it is an e-commerce platform from which people can order something. On further research, I know that Jovi is a future Pakistani start-up, Foodpanda, but it also has added foodstuffs so that its platform is unique.

The company starts its journey in the start with Twin cities. If the company pays off, Foodpanda and Daraz will certainly compete indeed.

How could we know about Jovi kay Andar kya hay, on a lighter note? Release the second part of Teaser, and this issue feels uncomfortable every day. In addition, when it comes to advertising strategy, the company copied Graana – a property company.

We hope Jovi is not just a disappointment like Foodpanda and Bykea but a hype.

Waqas Amjad

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