Eid Al-Adha Scholarship for Dubai College of Tourism

The Dubai College of Tourism DCT, which is part of the Department of Economy and Tourism DET, has just announced an intriguing scholarship program for both Emirati nationals and expats. The newly created Eid Al-Adha Scholarship for Dubai College of Tourism, which will begin in September of this year, provides an opportunity of a lifetime for eligible individuals to acquire a high-quality education in line with Dubai’s Economic Agenda, D33.

The DCT scholarship program is designed for students who want to study Level 4 certificate programs in Hospitality, Tourism, and Events. To be considered for this extraordinary opportunity, individuals must apply before Eid Al-Adha and meet certain requirements. These requirements include a valid UAE permanent resident visa, a minimum of 70% in secondary education, passing English and Math exams, and completing an interview procedure.

Because there are only a limited number of scholarships available, prospective students are advised to apply as soon as possible using the approved online application portal or by visiting DCT’s official website. Applicants must currently reside in the UAE and undergo an in-person interview to be eligible for the scholarship. It is important to note that these grants only pay academic tuition and do not cover any other expenditures.

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