Educational Institutions in Rawalpindi to Close on 7 September

The Office of the Deputy Commissioner in Rawalpindi has announced a one-day closure of all educational institutions within the municipal limits of Tehsil Rawalpindi. This announcement, however, does not apply to the Cantonment areas. The closure, scheduled for 7th September 2023, is due to the upcoming Chehlum Procession.

The decision was made with the intention of maintaining security and order during the religious procession. The temporary closure applies to both government and private universities, colleges, and schools. The Deputy Commissioner of Rawalpindi issued the notification, emphasizing the importance of safety during such large-scale religious events.

To ensure that this information reaches as many people as possible, the Office of the Deputy Commissioner has requested the Director of Information to disseminate the news through electronic and print media. The Private Schools Association in Rawalpindi has also been notified about the closure.

This precautionary measure is primarily aimed at ensuring the safety and security of students and faculty during the Chehlum Procession. Normal educational activities are expected to resume on the following day, 8th September 2023.

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