Dollar East Exchange Company

Dollar East Exchange Company Pvt Ltd entered the foreign exchange market to deliver the best and most flexible services to their consumers. This corporation established the currency exchange industry in Pakistan and acquired the trust of the people.

When the State Bank of Pakistan decided to offer licenses to private enterprises for dealing in foreign exchange in Pakistan, this company was the first to receive a license for performing foreign exchange business or acting as a money changer. In 2002, this was the second company to receive approval from the State Bank of Pakistan to launch a foreign exchange business in Pakistan.

This firm received its exchange company license on May 2, 2003, and began operations on July 7, 2003. Dollar East is permitted to execute currency exchange, postal notes, bank drafts, traveler cheques, money orders, notes, bank drafts, and incoming/outgoing remittances in a regulated environment.

This corporation was also given the authority to open its own branches or grant franchises to provide comprehensive services to clients. The corporation is also required to build its own franchised payment booths for the payment of incoming remittances to consumers around the country. This corporation has 18 branches located in various locations where higher-level business is conducted.

This firm is also aiming to develop its branch network in other parts of the country. This firm has also created three payment booths, which are operational in Rawalpindi, Sahiwal, and Mandi Baha Uddin. This organization will also build a franchising network for currency exchange booths and money payment booths in both urban and rural parts of the country. Dollar East has concentrated its efforts on its consumers, its services, policies, and goods, all of which they have handled for its valued clients.

The systems, rules, services, and infrastructure are reviewed regularly and modified to ensure that clients receive prompt, safe, and efficient service delivery. This firm operates by national and international rules and is a decent corporate citizen. This firm attempts to raise awareness among its clients and can meet the regulatory requirements for service execution. This organization understands its position and duties in the financial and monetary markets.

Dollar East Exchange Company Details

  • Lahore, Pakistan
  • Address: 97-A Jail Road, Lahore, Punjab 74000
  • Phone: +92-42-7555616 +92-42-7598529
  • Fax: +92-42-7555615

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