Diamond Paints Price List in Pakistan Today 2023

Diamond Paints has established itself as a leading brand in the Pakistani paint market, offering a diverse range of interior and exterior paints. The brand is recognized for its quality, durability, and many options it provides to cater to different tastes and requirements.

Diamond Paints Price List in Pakistan 2023

Paint TypeSizePrice
Diamond Ace Timberlac Matt LacquerQuarter Size₨. 1,712
Ace Weather DefenderQuarter Size₨. 1,600
Diamond Ace Matt EnamelDrummy Size₨. 26,250
Diamond Overall Wall SealerQuarter Size₨. 620
Everlast Weather ProofDrum Size₨. 16,054
Diamond Ace Acrylic Primer Filler Putty 20 KgsDrum Size₨. 7,181
Diamond Ace Matt EnamelGallon Size₨. 6,615
Ace Acrylic Primer Filler PuttyGallon₨. 1,841
Overall High Gloss EnamelDrum Size₨. 18,920
Value Gloss EnamelGallon Size₨. 3,149
Everlast Weather ProofQuarter Size₨. 1,134
Ace Super Gloss EnamelQuarter Size₨. 1,575
Everlast High Gloss EnamelDrum Size₨. 17,040
Ace Soft MetallicGallon₨. 5,640
Overall High Gloss EnamelQuarter Size₨. 1,230
Value Gloss EnamelQuarter Size₨. 826
Diamond Everlast Weather Proof 4 LitersGallon Size₨. 2,300
Roof CoatGallon Size₨. 4,177
Everlast High Gloss EnamelQuarter Size₨. 1,145
Roof CoatDrum Size₨. 15,530
Diamond Overall ThinnerQuarter Size₨. 375
Wood Protect PU VarnishQuarter Size₨. 1,271
Diamond Everlast Weather Proof 16 litersDrum Size₨. 8,700
Diamond Ace Water Based Acrylic Primer 16 LitersDrum Size₨. 9,395
Ace Super Gloss EnamelGallon Size₨. 6,140
Ace Soft MetallicQuarter Size₨. 1,510
Value Gloss EnamelGallon Size₨. 3,149
Diamond Wall Putty 1.25 KgsQuarter Size₨. 180
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Types of Diamond Paints

Diamond Paints offers many paint types suitable for different areas of a home or office.

For bedrooms, the brand provides a selection of colors and textures designed to create a relaxing and personal atmosphere.

In washrooms, where moisture resistance is crucial, Diamond Paints offers durable solutions that maintain a fresh look over time.

Living rooms, which serve as spaces for entertainment and family gatherings, can be enhanced with a broad palette of colors and finishes from Diamond Paints.

For kitchens, the brand offers high-gloss, easy-to-clean paints that add sophistication while providing protection.

Offices can also benefit from Diamond Paints’ range, with options that can help foster a productive work environment.

Advantages of Using Diamond Paints

Choosing Diamond Paints comes with several advantages. The brand is known for its wide array of colors, textures, and finishes, allowing customers to find the perfect match for their projects. The durability of the paints ensures long-term coverage and resistance to harsh weather conditions, moisture, and daily wear and tear.

Diamond Paints also stands out for its versatility, offering comprehensive painting solutions for both interior and exterior applications, including specialty items for unique projects. Customers can trust in the quality and performance of Diamond Paints, making their investment worthwhile.

For those interested in purchasing Diamond Paints, the products are widely available through authorized dealers and home improvement stores across Pakistan. The brand offers a warranty on its products, providing additional peace of mind to buyers. Custom color mixing services may also be available at some outlets, allowing for even more personalized options.

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